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Michigan State University

Where's the love?

The Michigan State University campus is lovely no matter the season. As you celebrate Valentine’s Day this week, take a closer look and you may find love in unexpected places.

Enjoy these “natural hearts” photographs snapped around campus, and let us know on Facebook what you love most about MSU!

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Here's the key to our hearts:

  • Heart photo #1.A heavenly heart takes shape above South Kedzie Hall on a spring day.
  • Heart photo #2.A heart forms in spring blooms behind the Main Library.
  • Heart photo #3.A springtime heart hangs above the Red Cedar River near the bridge behind the Main Library.
  • Heart photo #4.Autumn trees show off their heart in front of the Hannah Administration Building.
  • Heart photo #5.A heart formed by fall foliage brightens the Pavilion Plaza on Shaw Lane.
  • Heart photo #6.Autumn leaves offer their heart near Linton Hall.
  • Heart photo #7.A heart branches out in the center of a tree behind Olds Hall.
  • Heart photo #8.Elm leaves create a heart-shaped wreath in campus greenery.

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