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Students in the Izzone

MSU Celebrations

Need-to-know messages developed by students for how to celebrate safely

MSU students celebrate with class. In fact, 9 out of 10 watch out for friends to make sure they stay safe, and almost all fans in the stands yell or chant along with the cheerleaders to support their Spartans. To celebrate this season like a true Spartan, follow these simple guidelines and share them with your friends:

  • Do not block streets or sidewalks.
  • Keep moving and avoid large crowds.
  • Immediately leave any gathering that has been declared an unlawful assembly—even just observing is participating.
  • If you are arrested and convicted of a criminal offense related to an unlawful assembly or riot, you may be subject to sanctions, including expulsion or suspension from your school.
  • Cooperate with police.
  • If you believe your rights have been violated by a police officer, obtain the officer’s badge number and consider filing a formal complaint at a later date.

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