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Thank you to all Spartans who participated in 360.24!

Meet a few of the Spartans from the 360.24 documentary who are making a difference in Michigan and around the world.

Melissa Elafros

“My day is working in Lusaka with patients dealing with the challenges of HIV and seizure disorders like epilepsy. I’ve been working in Africa since 2008 and feel privileged to be here. Zambia and the people here have claimed a piece of my heart.”

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David Douches

“I study and research potatoes. The potato is the most important vegetable crop, and developing new varieties is essential to the health and growth of Michigan’s potato industry. Today we’re looking at varieties that can be used in making chips. Yes, we even fry them up and try them out!”

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Anil Jain

“It is a very busy day of meetings in Seoul, South Korea. I came here to talk with collaborators and students and to continue my research in biometrics. Our work on face recognition and fingerprint matching is mostly used in security applications to help identify people of interest. Seoul is a vibrant and interesting place to work  with a good mix of traditional and modern culture.”

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Sister Anne Brooks

“I am a nun and a doctor. That means a different kind of care for the people down here in Tutwiler, Mississippi. This is a place where people live basic and often very hard lives. We see everyone at the clinic. They all pay us—sometimes it’s money and sometimes it’s things they’ve grown or raised. Or we let them do some work for us. I’ve been here for nearly 30 years, and every day I know I made the right choice coming here.”

Tutwiler, Mississippi Play video

P.S. Mohankumar

“My day is spent working with cows and dairy research. My team and I are working to bring better methods of milk production to disadvantaged places around the world. Today and each day, we are working with farmers in Africa, teaching them how to use what we have learned from a similar project in India to raise their milk production for better food, nutrition, and life expectancy.”

East Lansing, Michigan Play video

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