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Helpful tips for best results

Michigan State University will produce a documentary using as many videos and photos as possible. The documentary will appear on this website and may air on the Big Ten Network. Consider the tips below for best results.

  1. Before you shoot video or photos, think about: how you work, how you play, what inspires you, your passion, your community, something you love, or how you're making a difference.

  2. We want to capture the entire day, and night, of November 6 through the eyes of Spartans around the world. So, have fun with it. Shoot video of the weather, what you're eating and drinking, where and what you're driving, and don't forget about clocks and watches so we can show the time.

  3. Try narrating as you shoot your video, telling us the story of what you're shooting—dogs and cats, kids, neighborhoods, your favorite hangouts, cool buildings, wildlife, nature, scenic views—the sky's the limit! And be sure to show yourself. Turn that camera around and show us what you're doing, what you're watching, reading, sewing, cooking, building, fixing, painting, drawing…you get the picture.

  4. Video length may vary. Capture moments in just a few seconds or gather as much as 20 minutes of footage, or anything in between. And send as many videos and/or photos as you like.

  5. Shoot videos and photos in landscape rather than portrait format. That means if you're shooting with your phone, turn it sideways like a TV.

  6. Shoot using your highest quality setting.

  7. If uploading videos or photos from a mobile device, consider connecting to a WiFi network. Uploading over a wireless cellular network will be slower, and you may incur charges depending on your data plan.

  8. Be patient when uploading videos. Upload speeds vary greatly and are based on the speed of your Internet connection. A video one minute in length might take a minute to upload on a fast connection but take 10 minutes or more to upload on a slow connection. If you need assistance uploading files, please contact us