Journal File, AAS       August 2, 2005


Levels of Institutional Analysis

            (An elaboration of Conflict & Cooperation, p. 302)


Impact Analysis

            S                                  S                                                                      P

                                    Two or more alternative                                 Who gets what

                                    everyday rules                                                 with each alternative

                                    (We do not here inquire where the                  structure?

                                    alternatives came from or if

                                    they will change.


Change Analysis       

Level 1


The “good” is the        Two or more alternative rules                         What  alternative

prevailing everyday    for making everyday rules.                              everyday rule

rule from the                                                                                        emerges in T2 from

structure noted                                                                                     each alternative rule

in Impact                     (We do not here inquire where the                  for making rules?

Analysis (T1)              alternative rules came from. Rather                Will the everyday

                                    we ask which everyday rule will                    rule change or not?

                                    prevail under alternative rules for

                                    making rules.)



Change Analysis

Level 2


The “good” is the        Alternative rules for making                            Will the rule for

prevailing rule for       rules for making rules.                                     making rules change

making rules from                                                                                in T2?  What

the structure in                                                                                     alternative rule for

Level 1 (T1)..                                                                                      making rules emerges

                                                                                                            in T2 from each alternative rule for

                                                                                                            making rules for making rules.


Note: When moving the analysis from one level to another, the structure in the previous level becomes the thing to be explained (dependent variable), and is the “good” (situation) in the initial time one (T1), and the performance is retention or change in that structure in time two (T2).  Theory suggests that many of the interdependencies inherent in physical goods are also inherent in processes associated with changing everyday rules and changing rules for making rules (e.g. HEC, EOS).