Various aids are available to help you navigate through 810. Here are suggestions for use:

1. Study Guide. Available on the course web page. These are some notes with suggestions for what to look for and review questions to ask yourself. They are keyed to the assigned reading for each period. Also some suggestions for further reading. I suggest you read the guide before reading the assignments. Writing assignments are noted there.


2. AWhat=s the Point@ Distributed at the end of each class period. I suggest you prepare your own as a part of studying for class discussion. Try to develop metaphors or sound bites to capture key ideas.

3. Journal Files. I have found it useful in my career to write short notes and essays to myself when I get ideas, see applications, comparisons, etc. These later sometimes turn into articles and research or extension projects. The Study Guide contains some links to some of my journal files. You may want to check them out for ideas as you write your assigned two-page essays or ruminate on the assigned readings. You may bring anything you write here to the mid-term exam.


4. You may wish to send a message to the class to ask a question or make an observation and invite comment. Volunteeers may be asked to initiate class discussion based on their essay for that period. A student may be asked to post their essay to ANGEL. There is a menu item "IN TOUCH" and under it a list of "Discussion Forums." Check it out from time to time.

5. Essays (two-page) Essays are due as noted below: (See "Ingrediants of a Good Essay" on course web site main menu)

1.Aug. 30
2. Sept. 6
3. Sept. 11 or 13
4. Sept. 18or 20
5. Sept. 25 or 27
6. Oct. 2 or 4
7. Oct. 9 or 11
8. Oct. 16 or 18
9. Oct. 23 or 25
10. Nov. 6 Assignment (see Study Notes)
11. Nov. 20 Assignment
12. Nov.22 Assignment
13. Nov. 27 or 29 or Dec. 6

6. Mid-term Exam, example on the web.

7. Guide to Term Paper on web (no final exam). Due last day of semester classes (Friday).

8. EndNote bibliography file available on request. It includes all citations in the syllabus and many more. This will make the bibliography for your term paper easier. ------Blank Zip disk or thumb USB required.

9 Selected Assigned readings are available at Budget Printing on Trowbridge Rd., except those available on the web from JSTOR.