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2004 Faculty:

Dr. Michael Woods, ANR Education and Communication Systems
Dr Dave Hawkins, Animal Science
Dr. Paul Roberts, ANR Communication

2003 Students:

Christina Burke Animal Science

Lisa Callahan Animal Science

Noelle Dunkel ANR Communications

Bridgette Grobbel Animal Science

Alison Hinshaw Animal Science

Kristen Holtshalg Lifelong Education (U of M)

Olivia Hubert Horticulture

Matthew Jakubik Agriscience

Amy Jolliff Animal Science

Daniel Kiesling Animal Science

Darrell King Agriculture & Extension Education

Chandra Laskey Horticulture

Takia Lowery Agriculture & Extension Education

Kathleen Minturn Botany

Sandra Oesterle Animal Science

Katherine Shuster Animal Science

Ryan Sullivan Fianace

Renee Thelen Animal Science

Megan Townsend ANR Communication

Michael Williams Osteopathic Medicine

Julie Zibro Zoology

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