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Feedback for Exercise 5 (Dictation Practice)

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Instruction:  Please listen to the dictation, and then write the phonetic transcription.  Don't forget the  delimiting brackets. Make your symbols large and legible.

Utterance in Orthographic Representation
Hear it
Phonetice Transcription
1.  "Throw the old ball to me."  (2 diphthongs, 1 schwa)

Feedback for utterance 1
2. "Check my oil, please". (2 diphthongs)

Feedback for Utterance 2
3.  "Love him, or leave him." (1 r-colored vowel)

  Feedback for Utterance 3
4.  "Grades don't matter very much. in life" (3 diphthongs, 1 alveolar flap)

Feedback for Utterance 4
5. "Jack pushed this boat a bit."
(1 diphthong)

Feedback for Utterance 5