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CSD 232 -- Descriptive Phonetics

John Eulenberg, Professor

Here are some places to go for info and tools about Phonetics on the Internet:
  1. TELSUR PROJECT at the Linguistics Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania
    1. William Labov, Professor of Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania
    2. Table of Contents for The Atlas of North American English
    3. The Organization of Dialect Diversity in North America
  2. American Varieties (PBS Series: "Do you speak American?"       Dialect Quiz
  3.  The Nationwide Speech Project (Lay Language Version of paper by David Pisoni and Cynthia Chopper at 147th Meeting of the Acoustic Society of America)
  4. Animated Phonetics Site for English and Spanish\\
  5. Oxford University Phonetics Laboratory
  6. The Speech Archive (Sound samples are spoken by English speakers from around the world. The spoken texts have been chosen for their usefulness in accent determination)
  7. Praat: doing phonetics by computer
  8. The IPA      The IPA Chart (png)  Extended IPA Symbols for Disordered Speech
  9. Cassette or CD "The sounds of the IPA"
  10. ATT Voice Synthesis Demo Page
  11. "Say" Text to Speech Demos
  12. May-Ling Castillo's trip to Mexico, March 2005
  13. Tribute to Peter Ladefoged (Born Sept.17, 1925, in Sutton, Surrey, England. Died January 24, 2006 in London, England)
  14. Text-to-Speech Demo by Oddcast Character Driven Communications
  15. SoftVoice Text-to-Speech home
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