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Special Song Project, Introduction

Students in CSD 232 have the opportunity to complete a special project. This may count for the Honors option for Honors College students. For others, there is no direct effect on their grades, but it may serve as a way to practice and perfect one's ability to transcribe speech.

The project consists of converting a song so that a nonspeaking person can "sing" it using a Voice Output Communication Aid (VOCA). The file must be in the format acceptable to the DECtalk voice synthesizer.

Songs will be assigned by Jim Renuk, B.S., M.S., Assistant Director of IntraMural Sports and Recreative Activities at MSU. Mr. Renuk has cerebral palsy, which affects his speech. He uses a VOCA for speaking and singing, and also for infrared access to his computer systems.

Students may work on their project on their own computers or may use the facilities of the Artificial Language Laboratory, 379 Communication Arts and Sciences Building, MSU.

Participating Students and Their Assigned Songs