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"If you concentrate on communicating, everything else will follow." (Brown, 1977, p.26)

"(Early) language intervention is not the application of strictly prescribed formulae or methods as such.  It is a parametric, responsive, strategic and tactical social-communication based activity.  It is a process of activity-based naturalistic focused stimulation -- focusing on the situation/moment at-hand, the processes of social interaction, communication, cognition, and language vis-à-vis various receptive and expressive modalities;  focusing on the child's arousal, orientation, engagement, attention, interests, motivations; focusing on the child's zone of proximal development with appropriate antecedent and contingent events, and scaffolded elicitation of appropriate communication for the end goal of communication.  It should be like cotton --  'part of the fabric of the day'." (Casby, n.d.).

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