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ASC 823X Augmentative Communication
Funding for AAC
Kelly Lynch
March 21, 2003

  1. Length of Presentation 25 minutes including final quiz
  2. There will be a quiz of 5 questions given out at the beginning of the presentation, with the answers given at the end. The quiz will be on a handout, with the answers written somewhere (upside down, other side, etc....)
  3. Presentation should be rich in audiovisual content: e.g., video, slides, handouts. The materials can be presented in PowerPoint format with video and audio and animations, etc.
  4. The presentation, including video files, can be put on a CD-ROM and distributed to fellow students.
  5. While you are preparing your presentation, you are encouraged to place materials, including this Prolegomena, on the web, through our web site. This is an important part of our course, since it fosters team participation.
  6. Rehearse and time your presentation. JBE will be forced to use the "HOOK" if you go over even by 1 nanosecond!

Define scope of presentation

What kind of funding is available?

Different funding sources for different kinds of clientele.
  1. Age-dependent;
  2. School district funding;
  3. Fund raising for individuals
  4. Particular etiologies
  5. School districts and State of Michigan
  6. private insurance
  7. health insurance
  8. liability/casualty insurance
  9. State and Federal Programs

Applying for Funding
  1. How does one apply for funding?
  2. Step by step illustration of the process

Case studies of funding
  1. Results of interview with individual or his/her family or clinician
  2. Interview with Communication Aid vendor

Concluding Remarks
Recommendations for clinical practice

Artificial Language Lab, MSU

MATR (Michigan’s Assistive Technology Resource)
MATR , 1023 South U.S. 27 St. Johns, MI 48879-2424
(800) 274-7426 or (989) 224-0333 /
Alison Walczak, M.A., CCC-SLP Consultant, Ext. 319

CAMA – Communication Aid Manufacturers Association

ISAAC (International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication)

Univ of Delaware

DynaVox Systems

Prentke Romich Co.

State of Michigan
Medicare and Medicaid funding

SPL who got KF funding for a DynaWrite
User of AAC, such as Jim Renuk
Lynn Sweeney, SPL who does significant amount of evaluation work for AAC candidates, where evaluation report is used in Medicaid applicaton.