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Reactions to "Lee Abramson One Finger Musician"

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 Breanna Leigh Allor I thought this video was really great to watch. The technology that he is using is very impressive. 

I thought it was really neat that he recorded is own voice (he said about 2,000 uterrances) in the Personalized Text to Speech video section for just in case he loses the ability to speak in the future. It's great that he'll be able to use his own recorded voice in the future if he loses his ability to speak. Most aphonic individuals don't have the luxury of using their own voice to communicate through a device. 

He was a very successful business man before his spinal cord injury. I can't believe the amount of surgeries and medical procedures he went through just to stablize his spine. Then to be diagnosed with ALS would be very difficult to handle. He seems like a very brave and strong man to deal with all of that and still continue with classes online and writing music again. I was really impress with his musical ability.

He was right when he said at the end that people with disabilities have access to adaptive technology that allows them to be productive members of society. Technology has definitely improved the lives of those with disabilities in many ways.
Breanna Allor
 Sarah Elizabeth Choss

The story of Lee Abramson is incredibly inspiring. Much of society believes that a disability is hindering and one cannot accomplish everything that a person without a disability can do. However, Lee Abramson defies this stereotype. I thought it was interesting how he incorporated technology to allow him to do what he loves and make music. I have no musical talent whatsoever and appreciate those who are able to make music. It amazes me that Abramson continues to make music despite his ALS.

Additionally, I also liked the alternative communication device Abramson uses and that he was able to record his own voice. While mechanical voices can be very useful, it seems more personal and probably more empowering that Abramson was able to record his voice. I imagine it was tiring to do this, though. I was impressed how much the mechanical voice sounded like Abramson’s voice when he used the Modeltalker text to speech system. Although the keystroke and predictor software looked very tedious, it seems as if this device works well for Abramson as he is easy to understand and is able to communicate well with others.
Sarah Choss
 Sara Cook Lee Abramson is a very motivated, ambitious person who brings a lot of personality to the table.  He is very inspiring because he did not give up when he got his diagnosis of ALS.  This creative individual created a successful business through an online pork rind store and after his diagnosis he found new ways to spend his time.  It's amazing that instead of letting his diagnosis bring him down he has defied the odds and has found a way to continue to do what he loves by studying and making music.  He continued to persevere his passion and studied at the Berklee School of Music online has been successful on learning how to use many different computer softwares to make his music.  I found it wonderful that he recorded his voice to use during his videos and it sounded very impressive and realistic.  I am looking forward to our visit with Lee Abramson to see first hand how he uses AAC devices and software to move forward with his life.
Sarah Cook
 Rebecca Leigh Cooper I was impressed by how knowlegable Lee was about the equipment he uses. He did a great job of explaining how the programs work and how they benefit him. It can be difficult to explain technology to people who are unfamiliar with it, but Lee does a great job. It was interesting to hear about Lee's life before he was diagnosed with ALS. He lived a very full and rewarding life, so having ways to continue to interact and stay involved would be very important to him. His friend that suggested he continue to produce music was a very good friend for believing that Lee could and should continue. Lee found a great way to share his music with others so that he could get it produced. It's inspiring how much Lee has accomplished when his diagnosis would have stopped many people. It sounds like Lee has lots of supportive people in his life who have helped him with his music, like his massage therapist. I'm looking forward to meeting Lee!
Becky Cooper
 Lauren Suzanne Everley

 Emily Christine Markov Lee is truly inspiring.  He didn't let ALS hold him back from doing what he loved.  I admire his determination to further his education at Berklee School of Music online, and also, to make his own albums.  I noticed while watching the video, all of the different software he uses.  Everything from keystroke, model talker, Music notation software, icomposition.com and more.  I know keystroke and model talker have predictions of what you are going to say, but I wonder if those programs can coincide with his other programs, to make usage more attainable.  Additionally, I noted that Lee was familiar with software, before his diagnosis.  I want to know, if in his opinion, if his familiarity really helped him understand and use his software, or if he would have been able to do it without his prior knowledge.  Overall, I am very excited to meet Lee to see how he has progressed wit husing his AAC devices.

-Emily Markov
 Kathleen Elizabeth Murphy I thought that Lee Abramson's video was very interesting to watch. First, because I think it gave good information about how the digitized speech was obtained. I hadn't really thought about how they obtained that before. It must have been an exhausting but worthwhile process to record so much speech. And when he played the comparison between his "real voice" and the digitized version, I thought that the digitized version sounded very natural, which was probably the aim.
I also found his process of creating music interesting and inspiring. I just really liked that he didn't let ALS restrict him from doing something that made him feel happy. Although his methods are not the same as they once were, it sounds like he has found ways to pursue his creative outlet.
Overall, I think his story is a very interesting one and I look forward to meeting him and his wife.
Kathleen Elizabeth Murphy
 Andrea Christine Ryba

This was the first exposure I’ve had with adaptive technology used for creativity and as Lee puts it, it really seems to help people live more productive and satisfying lives.


            Keystrokes, the program he was using to help him type seemed extremely useful even though he mentioned it was still tiring. I cannot imagine not having fine motor control. The fact that he is still motivated to do such complex projects is very commendable.


            I am becoming increasingly aware of ModelTalker’s widespread uses and benefits and am glad that Lee was able to complete all of the utterances and receive a personalized voice. I think it is a really great concept that is going to be seen a lot more frequently in our futures.


            It is amazing how drastically his life changed after his spinal cord injury. It sounds like he had an extremely active and diverse past, especially when he was working at IBM, selling pork rinds and in a successful band at the same time. The series of very unfortunate events that followed all of this was very upsetting to hear and definitely puts what I consider ‘a bad day’ into perspective. I am glad that one of his friends suggested that he should continue playing music to get through his difficult times.  I would like to hear the Rumi Music he made and really liked the ModelTalker-made song at the end of the video.
Andrea Ryba

 Nicole Elise Sulier I believe that this video is amazing for people to watch and learn from. I really enjoyed the story of his youth, and other amazing life stories that he was able to share. ALS is not something that most people could hurdle over and be able to continue moving forward with their lives, but Lee is very inspirational and seems to be a very strong person. Technology is phenomenal in this short film because it allows Lee to look outside of daily life for new and exciting adventures. Lee Abramson is very talented and he has a very powerful passion for music. Although ALS is an awful disease, Lee Abramson is able to show people an inspiring story of how he never gave in and ,thanks to hard work and technology, how he is able to succeed everyday.
Nicole Sulier