CEP 813: Electronic Portfolios in Teaching and Learning
Fall 2003: On-Campus

Professor Patrick Dickson

Important Links

Classnotes. A running record of what we do in class... an emergent syllabus.
Angel for CEP 813 .  We will use Angel for your houses, surveys, etc.

Your Portfolios.
Exhibition of Students Work.

Email Etiquette. Read this link!
GraduationCeremony . Will update: Main point: You can "walk" in May: Finish in August.
Netscape 4.78 .  A good free choice for designing web pages. Most of us will use Dreamweaver.
Readings about Electronic Portfolios . Reading assignments from this link. Large collection for you.

COATT: I encourage you to consider pursuing COATT Certificate. See Sandra Blagborne's example.

Design Ideas: http://www.useit.com/ and http://www.msu.edu/user/henrikse/design/resources.html

Two Teachers Who Changed My Daughter's Life.


Exhibition Day: December 6, 2003.


Received Dec. 5: Hello, my water broke at 3:15 am on Tuesday, but I wasn't having contractions, so after a few hours the doctor decided to start inducing labor. After 12 hours of being induced on Tuesday Dec 4th and early into the morning of Wed Dec 5th, I ended up having a C-section and "gave birth" at 4:49 am to a 9 lb, 6 oz baby boy Named Peter Logan Pollock. He was 22 1/2 inches long! I am at ST Joes recovering until Sat. It is very challenging to take care of the baby, breast feed and recover from major sugery! Attached are some photos -Kathy


Remind me: Need to complete SIRS forms as last thing today.

Today we will focus on examples of publishing students' work.

From: Dickson, Patrick
Date: 12/2/2003
Subject: CEP 813: Exhibition of Your Major Projects: 9:30 Saturday
Hi... just a quick reminder that CEP 813 will meet in 133 Erickson starting at 9:30 on Saturday, Dec. 6th. (Note.. 9:30, not 9:00, to allow a bit of beauty sleep.) Our focus on Saturday will be on your exhibition of your "major" work. For those of you who are K-12 teachers, I have asked that your project this semester focus on presenting student work on the Web... This should be the proposal you published as myplansforstudentwork.htm for the assignment for November 1st in Angel. (You might take time to go into Angel Lessons and re-read the purpose of the assignment. You should have a page titled "studentswork.htm" in your web folder. I will build a page with a link to a page with this title for each person in the class. (If your web portfolio is hosted somewhere other than MSU, then email me the URL to this page.) If you are not a K-12 teacher, I've asked you to do a major project of authentic worth that you can show in class on Saturday. Around noon we will go upstairs for lunch... I am cooking enough for each of you to have a bowl of something... the menu will probably feature a vegetarian soup, Cincinnati chili, and pasta and sauce...nothing fancy but enough to celebrate the end of the semester with. See you Saturday morning. Patrick

Today's Menu: Ratatouille Provencal and South Carolina Shrimp Gumbo with Rice
Moosewood Restaurant, Moosewood Cookbooks. And Charleston Receipts.



Each of you will have 5 minutes to showcase and talk about your work.

My student portfolios are at http://www.msu.edu/~colli116/studentswork.html. It is a collection of the work of students at several grades in my school. (The fifth grade teachers are not ready yet). I wanted to have a place where my students can display their work and see the work of students in higher grades. It can be a way for students to see where they are going in their writing. I also hope it will encourage teachers and students to do writing everyday and be proud of it.
Thanks and Happy Holidays,
Becky Prout

Looking to the Future...what's next?

Most important: Thank you for your gifts to each other, to future students, and me.
[Authentic work, shared with significant audiences, preserved over time....]

Final Assignment: Due by Saturday, Dec. 13th. See Angel. Feedback to Buddy and Class.

Grades:You all (well, most of you) will receive a 4.0 for CEP 813....but..
some of you will end the course with "YOMs" that will be due in CEP 807 (Capstone Course).

CEP 807: Mark Your Calendars:
Saturdays: May 8, May 22, June 5, June 12th. Exhibition: Thursday, June 17th.
(Let's discuss how to make this work for you.)


Have a great winter break, holiday, and a new year worth publishing on the Web!


Third On-Campus Meeting: November 15, 2003.

Welcome and Announcements

Family news?

Bond issues passed? Birmingham Schools (Julia Alder)

New Business

Preparing for December 6th: Exhibition of Your Major Projects.

Planning for Summer 2004:
Capstone Course: CEP 807: Do we push hard to hold your Exhibition on June 17?

Assignments Completed Since Last Class

Your Top Ten Goals.

Your Plans for Student Work.

Your "My Classroom" Study.

Lunch Break

From: Sarah Marie Roberts Subject: Threaded discussion To: CLASS Ok...here is the site to create threaded discussions and much more. The only bummer is that there is some advertisement and pop ups.

Geometry Test Results: Your estimates of a 4.0 cm line. Your calculations and definitions.

Math Scores Up! New York Times, Testing, Learning and Loving Mathematics.



Big Ideas: Flow, PBS, Recipes, and Culture.

Flow. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Thinker of the Year: 2000. Public Lecture in Sydney.
Concept. Thinker's Homepage. An award. A public lecture.


Recipes, Family, Culture.Our Cookbook. Your Recipe Assignment.

Pop Quiz: Oh, no! Not another one!




Next Class: December 6th: 9:30-3:00. Lunch in the LTC Lounge: 5th Floor.

Redesigning 133

Second On-Campus Meeting: October 17, 2003.

Welcome and Announcements

New jobs? Example: Mark Arnold, Traverse City

Rebecca Lawson: Evening Classes.

Angel: Questions and How's It Going?
Need Help? Remember: http://help.msu.edu . Phone help 24 hours a day.


Check your AFS space:
    http://pilot.msu.edu/twig   Click on Usage Statistics

Go to http://www.msu.edu and Search on your name. Surprised at anything?
(You can request that your official MSU name be changed...need to go to computer center.)

Discussion of First Three Assignments. (Top Ten Goals...next in Angel)

Readings: The Portfolio Concept

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards is upgrading the role of technology in its vision for what makes an excellent teacher.

Digital Edge Learning Interchange

Looking at Other Portfolios

Authentic Work Conversation with Your Students

A rare federal effort to ask students how they think schools should use technology is eliciting responses that are bound to make some educators clap and others cringe.

Our Major Goal:
Creating Examples of "Best" Practice for Publishing Students' Work.

Most Fundamental Idea:
Valuing Good Work, Collected Over Time, Shared with Authentic Audience.

What and where is this?

You, your students, your writing, your writing space, and "600 good words".
Reflections in Key West...New Years Day, 2003.


Major Focus of CEP 813 is on your students' work. [CEP 807 next summer will focus on your work.]

  I have two major expectations of each of you for this course for this semester.
   For both, the focus is on developing a vision and examples of publishing student work.
       1.  Collaboration with your group.
       2.  Work on your own classroom and additions to your portfolio.

Two dimensions on which courses differ:
   Group Work ----  Individual Work
   Process     -----     Product

Example of Steve Weiland's "self-paced" VU course versus other models.

CEP 813 is heavily weighted toward the product end of the second continuum,
   and the group work aspect of the class is to do two things:
       support each of you as individuals in developing your exemplary product
       build a shared resource for other teachers that contains:
           your ideas
           websites on portfolios valuable for your group
           issues and questions you considered important to discuss.

   As we move to the second half of the course, you should focus on the goal of ending the semester with an "exemplary product" involving student work that is:

   authentically valuable to you
   worthy in your eyes of showing to students, their parents and other teachers.
   congruent with your teaching goals and philosophy
   consistent with your grade level and subject matter responsibilities
   accompanied by a statement of what it is and why you as a teacher think it important
   with a link to a "rubric" understandable by the students and their parents.

Conceptually, by way of review:
   Imagine an examination question:
   Define and distinguish:
       teaching portfolio
       student portfolio
       classroom portfolio
       school portfolio

Why publishing student work is important (in my opinion, at least):
   for individual students: to signify that their work is important, their voice worth hearing.
   for you: to communicate to present and future students and their parents your goals.
   for your fellow teachers: to share your integration of technology via your students' work.
   for schools and education: to make visible the wonderful work that goes on in schools,
       in a time when political support for investing in education is being undermined.

A few links related to theme of CEP 813.

ClassroomWeb sites: Renovating the Classroom
Technology and Learning Magazine, December 1, 2002
Ms. Lowe's Classroom Website .

Assessment, Assessment Rubrics and Evaluation Guidelines
By Carol Holzberg, November 1, 2002
Teachers make judgments about students every day, based on informal and formal appraisals of classroom work, homework assignments, and performanceon quizzes and tests. Assessment rubrics listing benchmarks for student achievement assist in this evaluation by providing objective guidelinesto measure and evaluate learning.

Student Web Page/Multimedia Project Rubric
Adapted from the Official Multimedia Mania Rubric for Use by RegisteredContestants.

MidLink Magazine The Digital Magazine .
by Students, for Students - Ages 8 - 18

Next Four Weeks (Details will be posted in Angel as assignments)

1. Next week: Post your 'toptengoals.htm' page. See example

2. Following week: Begin working on putting student work on the Web. Publish a page titled "myplansforstudentwork.htm". Discuss this with your housemates, and begin implementing your plan.

3. Third week: Publish page with photo(s) of your classroom and discussion of how this arrangement of your space supports or reflects your teaching philosophy. "myclassroom.htm".

4. Next class: November 15.

Mini-Lecture: Spaces for Learning in Age of Rapid Change

Context Matters
Assignment: A Photo Essay/Study of Your Spaces

Your Classroom
Your Home Workspace

Pop Quiz.


First On-Campus Meeting: September 20, 2003.

Welcome and Announcements:

Introduction of those not in on-campus cohort.
Any babies, marriages, new jobs, new computers....?

Your Masters Program: Four Years of Change.
    100% Completion for First Three Cohorts!
    Graduation: Sign Up to "Walk" in May.

Portfolio Concept.  See my AERA 2002 paper.
    Teaching Portfolio (preservice teachers: job search)
    Professional Portfolio (inservice teachers: have job)
        Audience?  Parents, Students, Other Teachers.
    Classroom Portfolio (step toward dream of portfolio for every student)
    Student Portfolios

My passion for portfolios.
    My "stories":
        TE 150: email essays, best paper.
        Capstone Portfolios in Valbonne.
        "As you know, we are now required by law...."
    My vision:
    Schools where every child is a published artist, poet, writer, scientist, photographer.

Major Goals for This Class in CEP 813:
    Focus on Student Work:

Children's Work Ideas Pages: Spring 2003
Study Group Ideas links and Individual Portfolio

        Adding Examples of Student Work to Your Portfolio

Carole Colburn's work


Creating a Classroom Portfolio or Set of Student Portfolios

Essential for this goal:

Your School Policies on Putting Student Work on the Web.
Your Leadership in helping your school harness the Web. Lansing State Journal: School Websites.

Relationship between CEP 813 and CEP 807: The Capstone Course
    Many of you have begun creating a professional portfolio,
        but how many of you have student work in your portfolio.

Portfolio Examples

Classroom Portfolio Examples : Introduction
Classroom Portfolio Examples : More
School Websites : Where's the good stuff (student work)?

    In the capstone course next summer, you will "complete"your portfolio.
    And your portfolio will include the work focusingonchildren's portfolios.

Activity One:

  1. On a sticky note, write your name and grade level you teach. Put it on board one under grade level you teach.
  2. On a sticky note, write your name and the subject matter(s) you teach. Put it on board 2 under subject matters.

Concept: "Lifespan Development".

Discussion of a "lifespan perspective" on the portfolio concept.

Changes. Survey of 200 MSU sophomores in CEP 240.

Readings .  Electronic readings online.

Concepts and Plans for Online Portions of CEP 813.
    Study Buddies, Study Groups Concepts.
    Collaborating, Discussing, and Individual Work.
    Process and Product.
    This course will be more individualistic and product-oriented than some.

Technical Matters: And Major Goal for Course.

Can you publish to the Web from your home?  How often do you do this?
Can you publish to the Web from classroom?   How often do you do this?
What Web publishing software do you use at home?  At school?

Activity Two:

Break into small groups and talk for fifteen minutes about the technical questions above. (Appoint a note taker to report summary.)

Activity Three:

Looking at Other Teachers' Portfolios .
    Look specifically for children's work.

Activity Four:

Survey in Angel: A Trial Run.

More of Dickson's Stories:

Teachers who changed my daughter's life.

COATT: Go for it!  

Other Must Do Things Today:

Study Buddies and Houses


1. Email me:

web address for your school
web address for your school's policies on publishing students' work on the web.
web address or addresses for your portfolio if it is not in your MSU AFS space.

2. Your Top Ten Goals for CEP 813.

Details to follow: In brief: Publish a page in your AFS space 'toptengoals.htm' by next Saturday noon.
Go into your house and discuss your goals with your study buddy and housemates.

3. Have Your Students Write About Their Proudest Paper.

4. Readings.

Looking to the future. (These links show some of what we did in classes 2, 3, and 4 in spring 2003. They are mostly here for me to draw upon.)

Class 2.

Class 3.

Class 4.