Portfolios in Nursing Education

Purpose. This page contains some links to articles found by searching Google for "portfolios in nursing education" as a resource for students in CEP 813, Electronic Portfolios for Teaching and Learning. From my Googling, it seems that portfolios in nursing education surged as a topic in the late 1990s and 2001-2, with considerable interest in Britain, Australia, and Canada.

Gerry Myers, School of Business, Pacific Lutheran University.

Professional Portfolios: Spreadsheet Application
Nursing Informatics, Collaborative Nursing Program in British Columbia

University of Newcastle upon Tyne
ePortfolio Project: Managed Environments for Portfolio-based Reflective Learning
Integrated Support for Evidencing Outcomes

This is an FDTL funded project to develop Web based portfolios to support reflective approaches for evidencing the attainment of programme outcomes in undergraduate Medicine. The development of database driven portfolios will be closely integrated with on-line curricula / study guides to become an integral part of the networked learning environment for Medicine. This is a collaborative 3 year project, commencing October 2002, involving; The University of Newcastle (lead site), The University of Leeds, the University of Sheffield and The University of Dundee.

The Clinical Portfolio. Lynette J. Stockhausen. December 1996.
Australian Electronic Journal of Nursing Education
The development of the clinical portfolio has attempted to address the original concerns of staff. The philosophy and theoretical integrity of the course has been upheld and incorporated into student's off campus clinical learning activities. As an assessment strategy the clinical portfolio has the capacity to uphold the tenets of PBL and constructivism. The development of a clinical portfolio shifts the ownership of learning to the student. With a clinical portfolio students create their own assessment documentation to explore clinical 'problems' and construct learning issues, related to these, that have personal relevance. Clinical teachers' concerns have been addressed as the clinical portfolio has allowed them access to students' previous learning experiences. This has afforded the clinical teachers an opportunity to relate previous learning outcomes to new and challenging student clinical experiences....

Australian Electronic Journal of Nursing Education
A Web-based Course for Teaching Undergraduate Nursing Research
Linda S. Cox
Online delivery of nurse education: the concerns of university educators
David Gillham

Using electronic portfolios to measure student achievement and assess curricular integrity.
Ramey SL, Hay ML.Nurse Educ. 2003 Jan-Feb;28(1):31-6.
Division of Nursing, Grand View College, Des Moines, Iowa 50316, USA. sramey@gvc.edu
Successful achievement of program outcomes is the primary goal of nursing education programs. Electronic portfolios are a contemporary method by which to measure student achievement, assess curricular efficacy, and evaluate program integrity in nursing education. The authors outline the sequential process of understanding, introducing, and integrating electronic portfolios into a curriculum.

Presentation by Carolyn Schultz, RN, EdD (PLU School of Nursing) 
30th Annual National Conference on Professional Nursing Education and Development, 
Kansas City, Nov 7-9, 2003

Matthew-Maich, N., Brown, B., & Royle, J. (2000). 'Becoming' through reflection and professional portfolios: The voice of growth in nurses. Reflective Practice, 1(3), 309-324.