Written Expression

This website was created as an introduction for learning about basic written expression difficulties that may be exhibited by students in the school setting. Because writing is a crucial component in most school subjects, we hope that educators can use this website to gain a better understanding of written expression difficulties and use some of the resources that are offered on this site. This website is divided into four main areas:

*general information on the nature of written expression difficulties

*accommodations and interventions that can be used in the classroom

*a handout for parents describing written expression problems

*a list of web-based resources for written expression


Please click on the links below to direct you to each page on the website.

Table of Contents

Page 1: Definition, characteristics, and causes of written expression difficulties

Page 2: Classroom-based accommodations and interventions for written expression difficulties

Page 3: Handout for parents describing written expression problems and web resources

Page 4: Resources for written expression difficulties

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This website was written and designed by Jana Aupperlee, Nora Geraghty, and My Lien (Doctoral Students, School Psychology Program, Michigan State University)