"Explorations in Instructional Technology" Brown Bag Series
Patrick Dickson, MSU College of Education.
Design Alternatives for Technology Classrooms.
October 17, 2003

Overview. Purpose of today's session is to offer stimulate discussion among MSU faculty, staff , and students about ideas for future directions in the design of "technology classrooms" and integration of technology into our learning environments. Attending today are some ICTC members and MSU staff who play a role in these decisions. But we all need to provide ideas and input.


Changes in technologies
Changes in student experiences and expectations.
Changes in teaching

National Context.

National Learning Infrastructure Initiative of Educause. I would encourage you to take a few minutes to visit the following links for a window on what's "hot" in technology and higher education.
The National Learning Infrastructure Initiative is being led by

EDUCAUSE, perhaps the most influential organization with respect to information technologies in higher education.Consider this NLII "concept map" for example: http://www.educause.edu/nlii/images/concept_map.jpg
"The NLII organizes its work around key themes chosen annually from the larger domain of the transformation of teaching and learning with technology. The NLII has begun plotting this domain space visually in a concept map to gain a higher-level view of the relationships between themes."
National Learning Infrastructure Initiative

Take a look at the "key themes":

games, simulations, and learning
learning space design
mobile learning
learner-centered principles, design and practice
electronic portfolios
virtual communities of practice

Changes in Students

Example: Survey of CEP 240 Students in Spring 2003.
When they firs
t.... What they have in their rooms...

See also recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education about what students expect.
Note too ICTC interviews with students who said they rarely used computer labs or library.

A few years ago, at least in Erickson, "educational technology" meant primarily technology for K-12 education. In the past five years, with the Web, Blackboard, Angel, hybrid courses, online courses, etc., educational technology has come to much greater prominence in higher education.


Danielle DeVoss sent these:

Hello! I've attached a couple of pictures of the two labs in Bessey (there are more labs in Bessey, but there are the two that break the conventional row-oriented design).
The floorplans are also online via the Microlabs official page:
Bessey 214 floorplans:
Bessey 317 floorplans:

Spaces in Erickson... as examples of design... and design overtaken by time...

Technology Exploration Center

Think small: The LTC Spaces for PhD students (Learning, Technology and Culture)

Georgia Tech Library. http://www.library.gatech.edu/about_us/computing.html