The Likearise Monster by Elissa Dickson
Her Final Writing Assignment in Second Grade
With Thanks to Melody Glick and Karen Riggs
Two Extraordinary Teachers Who Taught Her to Read and Write
June 8, 1993

And Elissa has lived hepply ever after too.

The Likearise Monster
by Elissa
June 8,  1993

Once upon a time there was a little boy a pupy and a Kitten. One day the boy was looking for his hat in his closet and the Kitten and pupy came in to the closet. Just than the clsete door shat behind him. a brhit brhit liht apeered in the closet  it Look Like a door. So the boy the pupy and the Ketten Jamped throw the door  on the other side there was a Land mad out of candy!  Gumdrop trees and Likersh hoses. you kowe I thek there was more Likerish there than any other cany. I met a Likeres monster  he was nice. a week Letter the boys famly moved to the town of candy.  the boy the pupy and t he keten became fraends with the Likersh monster they lived hepply ever after

Captions.  "now that Im in the closet were is my hat"  "rof rof"   "here is my family liceris monster"

"Our last writing for second grade. Elissa has come miles in her writing and reading! I'm so glad she has made this wonderful progress!"                         Karen Riggs

Elissa's Story. Elissa arrived at Marble Elementary at the beginning of the school year worried about moving to a new school and worried about learning to read. She was greeted by the friendliest second grader in Marble Elementary, Mallory Price (row 3, 2d from right). Her teachers, Karen Riggs and Melody Glick, had created a classroom filled with books and reading areas. Over the next few weeks the teachers put Elissa at ease and recognizing that she enjoyed drawing, they encouraged her to create stories and illustrate them. Gradually Elissa was drawn into trying to write down her stories. The teachers would listen and write down Elissa's story in tiny handwriting above her emergent phonics. These annotations enabled her parents to read her stories when she brought them home. No points were taken off for misspellings. No red marks blemished Elissa's work.  Over the course of the school year Elissa blossomed and looked forward to school each day, quite a change from her first grade experience. The change from September to June in her confidence and literacy was wonderful to see. Elissa was fortunate to have such a second grade experience. Would that every child could have teachers like these. Read more about their teaching and classroom in an article that appeared in Changing MindsPatrick Dickson, Proud and Grateful Father of the Author