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Spring Semester 2001


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Assignments for the week of January 8 - 12, 2001.

1) Make sure you are in possession of all printed materials for the course: The Mankiw text (recommended, buy only a used copy), Problems in Microeconomics (required, available at SBS), and Handouts in Microeconomics (recommended, available at SBS).

2) Read Mankiw, Chapters 1, 2, and 3.

3) As a lab assignment, sign up for the on-line edition of the New York Times (

4) Explore this course website, making sure you can find how to get help, how to run the PowerPoint slide shows, get information about the movies, and how to find Problems in Microeconomics.

4) Read the introductory sections of Problems in Microeconomics, and make sure you can open the Excel file for the first problem set on Production Possibilities Curves.

5) Make sure you have a decent mail interface for accessing Pilot e-mail. We recommend using either Netscape mail or the web-based interface for Pilot e-mail. The new web-based interface for Pilot, which works very much like Hotmail or Yahoo mail, allows you to check and send mail, including attachments, from any browser, anywhere in the world. It has a very good text editor, and is easy to use. To use your Pilot web-based mail just click here and sign in with your Pilot ID and password.

6) You can get a copy of the first day handout for the course.

Click here for a copy in Word format (.doc).

Click here for a copy in Portable Document Format (.pdf).


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