Problems in Microeconomics

Now there are four new problem sets for your learning pleasure. Give them a try. They are problem sets 35 and 36 on Comparative Advantage, and 37 and 38 on labor demand and competitive labor markets.

ALSO ON THE HORIZON: Most of these problem sets will see a new birth of freedom as part of the course materials being developed by Aplia, Inc., a publishing company founded by Paul Romer, Professor of Economics at Stanford University. The problem sets are being reprogrammed in Flash which eliminates the need for students and faculty to have Excel to use the problems. Return here from time to time for updates on publication plans.

Important Notice: The Excel files will not open properly with Microsoft Internet Explorer. This is a problem with Explorer, not the Excel files. USE FIREFOX OR ONE OF THE MOZILLA FAMILY OF BROWSERS (FIREFOX, NETSCAPE, OR MOZILLA) INSTEAD! Click here for a workaround if you insist on using IE.

Problems in Microeconomics is a set of practice problems and interactive lecture displays for students and faculty in introductory courses in microeconomics. The problems were written by Byron W. Brown, Professor of Economics at Michigan State University.

How to do the problems: General information

Info for students, including getting started

Info for faculty, including a short descripton of topics covered

Download a problem set

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