Authentic / Ex-centric

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What Africans are producing now in Africa is not "African Art". It is art produced by people who consider themselves as partners in a world that they invent every instant.

.                        ---Hassan Musa [Sudan]


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bullet From Slave to Champ Series, 1999
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bullet The Power and the Glory, 1999
bullet Yinka Shonibare, Vacation, 2000
bulletRachid Koraichi
bulletJefel Eddin Eroumi, 1999
bullet The Rose Path (Le Chemin de Rose), 2001; detail Morroccan Basins
bullet Hommage to Ibn Arabi, 1999
bulletZineb Sedira
bullet Four Generations of Women, 2000
bullet The Veil I, 2000
bullet Self-Portrait, 1999
bullet Miss Holmes, 2000
bulletVideo: Don't Do to Her What you Did to Me, 2000
bulletSilent Sight (Video Still 1); Video Still 2
bulletMarķa Magdalena Campos-Pons
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bulletBernie Searle
bulletSnow White, 2000
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bulletColor Me Series, 1998-9
bullet Color Me Series installation
bullet Lifeline Series,
bulletArtthrob on Bernie Searle
bulletOlu Oguibe, Brothers, 2000
bulletBuggy for an Unknown Child, 1997
bulletHassan Musa
bulletGhana Amer, Love Park, 2000

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