HED 431 Ecology of the Global Textile and Apparel Complex
HED 891B Ecological Analysis of Textiles and Apparel Production and Consumption
Last modified: October 28, 2004
by M. Suzanne Sontag
contact: sontag@msu.edu

APA Style
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        APA Publication Manual crib sheet (Georgia Southern University)
        APA style essentials (Vanguard University of Southern California)
        APA style guide (University of Southern Mississippi)
        APA style resources (PsychWeb)
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CIA Publications and World Factbook
ELDIS - the gateway to development information
Environmental Economics by Eileen VanRavenswaay
FAOSTAT - Agriculture DataBase
Foreign Trade Information System (for the Organization of American States)
Globalization: Key Concepts
International Monetary Fund
Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe
Librarians' Resource Center: The Toolbox (see Topical Guides - Country Reports and Travel Guides)
Library of Congress
Mandala Projects - case studies in globalization, American University--see Trade and Environment Database (TED)
MSU Library Web Page for HED 431 (courtesy of Debbi Schaubman)
MSU Writing Center - Researching on the Web
MSU Writing Center - Web Site Evaluation
Population Reference Bureau
Sources for International Statistics - MSU Library
Statistical Universe - must use Internet Explorer as browser
U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)
University of Michigan Documents Center
The World Bank Group
World Trade Update - Dept. of Economic Development, Iowa International Office
World Resources Institute
Worldwatch Institute

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