Slocum, 2001
HED 821
Choice Readings:  Selected Applications
perceptions of student abilities and teacher competence
job interview and hiring decisions & other

1. Judgments of performance, effectiveness, competence:  teachers and students
    Based on Clothing

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    Based on attractiveness

        Chia, R. C., L. J. Allred, and W. F. Grossnickle. Effects of attractiveness and gender on the perception of achievement-related variables. The Journal of Social Psychology, 1998, 138 (4), 471-477.

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2. Judgments to Hire

        Gibson, L.A. & C. Blkwell. Effects of harmony between person and apparel coloring on perceptions of a woman's employment potential. Clothing and textiles Research Journal, 1990, 8(3):23-28.

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3. Aggression & Judgments of Aggression

        Frank, Mark G. and Thomas Gilovich. The dark side of self-and social perception: Black uniforms and aggression in professional sports. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1988, 54(1), 74-85.

        Rehn, Jurgen, Michael Steinleitner and Waldemar Lilli. Wearing uniforms and aggression--A field experiment. European Journal of Social Psychology, 1987, 17, 357-360.

4. Credibility

        Engstrom, Erika. Audiences' perceptions of sources' credibility in a television interview setting. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 1996, 83(2), 579-588.

5. Productivity
    Office Color

        Kwallek, Nancy, Lewis, Carol M., & Robbins, Ann S. Effects of office interior color on workers' mood and productivity. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 1988, 66, 123-128.

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6. Responsibility

        Agnew, C. R. & Thompson, V. D. Causal inferences and responsibility attributions concerning an HIV-positive target: The double-edged sword of physical attractiveness. Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 1994, 9((1), 181-190