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Essay Evaluation Form


Student #___________________ Evaluator___________________________ Essay # 1  2

Instructions: On each aspect of the essay, please assign a numerical grade on the scale of 0 to 100. The passing grade is 75. Also assign an overall numerical grade which need not be an arithmetic average of the others, since you may weigh various aspects of the essay as more or less important. Please be liberal with comments, especially any advice that will help the student improve performance.

1. _____ Understands the nature and complexity of the issue(s) raised by the case under discussion.

2. _____ States clearly the position that is taken, without ambiguity, vagueness, or self-contradiction.

3. _____ Gives plausible reasons to support the position.

4. _____ Anticipates at least one plausible objection to the position, and responds to it fairly and persuasively.

5. _____ Makes good use of assigned readings, especially to think of possible objections to the favored position; and shows good comprehension of the readings that are cited.

6. _____ Organizes the essay coherently and employs a clear style.

7. _____ OVERALL GRADE (need not be a numerical average of the above)

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