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Sample Essays

Each of these sample papers would count as an excellent student paper. They concern the following case. Note that the two writers take opposing points of view. Note also that the sample essays draw from a different set of readings than you have in your coursepack. You are not required to refer to any readings except those in your coursepack, the Fast Takes, and the assigned textbook.

Case, in brief: An extensive test has shown that Mr. B has prostate cancer, metastasized to the bone. He is asymptomatic, and likely to remain that way for some time. He could be given chemotherapy or radiation now, but they are unlikely to do help and would make whatever time he has left fairly miserable. Mr. B has a history of severe depressions. His wife, who has helped him through several such episodes, is on an extended business trip in Asia. Their daughter is seven months into her first pregnancy; which is likely to go well, but she has had a few problems about which both her parents have been worried. Mr. B. is scheduled to join his wife next week for the final ten days of her tour.

Mr. B is in your office for the result of his tests: "Well, doc, what's the verdict?"

Sample Essay #1

Sample Essay #2

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