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Week 6: Flow of Medical Information

Questions for Discussion

Note: This week's discussion is organized a bit differently from some of the other weeks.  There are several cases followed by a list of questions for each case.  The group should work through the cases and questions in sequence as much as possible.

The following cases and activities are concerned with issues of truth-telling, informed consent, lying for patients, and confidentiality– all matters which involve the way information about patients is handled. There is another topic area that could fall under this heading– getting information from the patient in a research project. This topic will be dealt with separately in Week 8.

Time will likely not permit thorough discussion of all the questions raised. The group should use its own judgment in deciding how much time to spend on each, although each topic area should get some attention.

Truth-telling Discussion Case and Questions

Informed Consent Discussion Case and Questions

"Gaming the System" Discussion Case and Questions

Confidentiality Discussion Case and Questions

Optional Case for Discussion: Electronic Records

Week 6 Discussion Leader's Guide

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