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Week 8: Research issues, justice, and conflicts of interest

Essay Assignments

Due: One Week after your last small group meeting


Instructions: Write a 3-5 page (double spaced) essay in which you state and defend your position on one of the following cases.  (Please indicate clearly on your paper which week's question you are writing on, and for this week, which question number.)  In writing your essay, pay special attention to the Evaluation Criteria, Student Essay Evaluation Form, "General Suggestions for Writing Essays", and the two Sample Essays.

Essays must be submitted to your small group preceptor electronically via the ANGEL system. Be sure to submit this essay assignment via the essay drop box with your small group preceptor's name on it. If you have any questions about using ANGEL, please contact the course administrator.

Week 8, Essay Question 1

Week 8, Essay Question 2