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Web Links

There are an increasing number of bioethics-related web sites that are of potential interest and use.  Here we will list some general bioethics information and reference sites; sites related to specific topics will be listed under each week of the module.

MSU Program in Bioethics, Humanities, and Society-- Humanities Links

BioethicsNet: University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania medical school's bioethics center has invested a lot in creating a nice website which has a number of features, including "latest news" in bioethics.

University of Washington Bioethics Curriculum

The University of Washington bioethics program has put together a curriculum organized by topic with a brief overview, discussion questions, and sample cases for each issue.

Johns Hopkins: Bioethics in Today's News

Another site with recent news items pertinent to bioethics.

President's Council on Bioethics

President Bush appointed a new national bioethics advisory body in November, 2001. So far the Council has addressed the issue of human cloning. 

American Society of Bioethics and Humanities

ASBH is the most important national organization of scholars interested in bioethics and humanities in health care; student membership is encouraged.  Their site also has a number of useful bioethics links.

Medical Ethics Resource Network (MERN) of Michigan

MERN is the state-wide organization for all people interested in health care ethics.  This website is due to be revised and updated soon, so watch for improvements.

AMA's Virtual Mentor

The American Medical Association Institute of Ethics has begun a rather ambitious website to focus on ethical and professional development issues facing future physicians; features include patient narratives of personal experiences with medical care, case studies, polls, etc.

Links for Week 2: Competent Patient Decisions

Links for Week 3: Decisions for Incompetent Patients

Links for Week 4: Infants and Children

Links for Week 5: Reproductive Issues

Links for Week 6: Flow of Information

Links for Week 7: Genetics

Links for Week 8: Research and Conflicts of Interest