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Evolutionary Medicine

Evolutionary Medicine is the application of the principles of evolutionary biology to aid in our understanding of human diseases and to solve problems in medicine and public health.  An evolutionary approach provides a unique and useful perspective on a broad range of topics in medicine, including nutrition and metabolism, reproduction, infectious disease, stress, and mental illness.  We will use the book by Randy Nesse and George C. Williams, Why We Get Sick: The New Science of Darwinian Medicine, as the starting point of our work.  We will then follow up with an exploration of topics ranging from how evolutionary principles are being used to provide radically new insights in cancer biology, to the molecular evolutionary analysis of genes from humans across the globe to assist in the search for genes associated with various human diseases.  As is typical for an LBC senior seminar, you will develop, produce and present an original project as a capstone to your senior seminar experience. You have wide latitude in choosing a research project, but you must address some aspect of Evolutionary Medicine. (4 hours credit.)

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