LB492 S15
Evolutionary Medicine
Guide for Student Discussion Leaders


Each student will work with a partner to lead a classroom discussion once during the semester. Your team will briefly summarize a paper (or set of papers), help the class generate a set of questions in class that will set the stage for our discussion that day, and then initiate the class discussion..

Your team's preparation, summary of the readings, and setting the stage for discussion will be worth 50 points towards your final course grade.

Discussion Schedule

The link above shows the scheduled student-instigated class discussions for our Senior Seminar this semester.

Roles and Responsibilities. The first role the team needs to fulfil is that of the Summarizer. One student will take the lead to summarize the readings for that day's discussion and put them into the context of our overall class topics and activities. Summarizers should address in their presentations the following three items:

i. What is the medical problem/syndrome addressed?
ii. How do evolutionary principles come into play in this set of readings?
iii. What is the standard treatment perspective, and how could an evolutionary perspective on care improve it?

The second role that the team needs to fulfil is that of discussion leader. A major part of fulfilling this role is helping to generate a set of discussion the presentations is for students to help the class develop questions with which we can initiate our discussion. For example, point out dichotomies, or points of conflict, brought out by the readings. In your presentation, be sure to relate the reading to your own previous coursework and personal experiences!!

Scoring Rubric for Presentation #1

Student presentations will be graded as follows:

i. Preparation (15 pts.); How well did your team prepare for the class session in which you led the class discussion?

ii. Summary (20 pts); How well (and succinctly) did the student pair summarize and present the content of the reading(s)? How well did the student pair capture the science behind the discussion papers? How well does the student pair make the connection of the reading to the topic of Evolutionary Medicine? How well does the student pair connect the topic to an HPS theme?

iii. Getting the Discussion Going (15 pts.); How well did your team generate discussion questions from the class and use these as a basis to begin the discussion?


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