Pirates of Silicon Valley

Historical Setting
Previous to 1970s, all computers huge and only used by businesses/ manufacturers/ universities
Chronicles development of two major computer companies today

Steve Jobs - Noah Wylie
Steve Wozniak - Bearded, quiet guy, friend of Jobs, inventor of computers

Jobs and Wozniak are at Berkeley playing with phone dialers and computers

Bill Gates - Anthony Michael Hall (Blonde guy)
Paul Allen - Bearded, quiet guy, friend of Gates
Steve Ballmer - Bald comedian

Gates, Allen, and Ballmer are at Harvard, love computers

Altair Computer launched and Gates and Allen want to program for it



Apple Develops Macintosh with GUI and Mouse

  • Apple struggles with Lisa project, then moves to Macintosh
  • Apple meets with Xerox and takes concepts of GUI and Mouse from them
  • Macintosh launched in 1984 - first commercial computer with GUI and Mouse
  • Famous 1984 Superbowl commercial with Big Brother
  • Microsoft guys visit and are interested in operating system of Macintosh prototype

  • Microsoft Windows
    Microsoft uses Macintosh prototype for example of GUI and "steals" GUI from it to create Windows