PLB 802: F04

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Schedule and topics

Week Topic Guiding Questions Readings
* Read before class
1 Individual Philosophy
  • What does it mean to know and understand?
  • Team Goals
  • How does inquiry help people learn?
  • Inquiry,teaching and mentoring philosophies
AAAS 1990*
NAS 1997
Bransford et al 1999
Cech 2003*
Powell 2003*
Wood 2003*
NAS and Bransford - resources re: how people learn.
2 Questions
  • What are the important research questions in your laboratory?
  • What scientific principles are central to these problems?
  • How does understanding of those concepts develop over time?
Ebert-May et al 2004*
Pathways to Scientific Teaching (Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment)

Example of a teachable unit.

Published monthly

3 Learning Objectives
  • What are the major misconceptions students have in biology?
  • Learning objectives informed by literature
Posner et al 1982*
Pellegrino et al 2001
Conley 2003

Posner et al - classic review of how people learn.

Pelegrino Conley - references

4 Instructional Design and Active Learning
  • How can active learning/inquiry occur in large/small classes?
  • Students' misconceptions addressed through instruction.
  • How to reach diverse students
Ebert-May et al 1997*
Johnson et al 1998
Springer et al 1999*
Anderson et al 2002*
Nelson 1996*
Johnson et al - good reference about group learning.
5 Assessment
  • How will you know that students have learned?
  • What evidence will you and your peers accept?
Ebert-May et al 2003*
Angelo and Cross 1993
Udovic et al 2002*
Wright et al 1998*
Angelo/Cross - excellent resource for classroom assessment
6 Draft Project Presentations
  • What are the common criteria in each teachable unit?
  • How do we peer review teaching?
  • What are the research questions?
Guide Book
7 More Assessment
  • How do data inform instructional decisions?
  • Design experiments, data collection and analysis
  • Teaching portfolios
  • Research designs - quantitative and qualitative
McKeachie 2002
Suter & Fretchling 2000*
McKeachie - quintessential guide to teaching.
8 Scientific Teaching
  • Present teachable units
  • Teaching innovations, student learning, impact on team, laboratory, department.
From Teams
Fox and Hackerman 2003
Fox and Hackerman - faculty rewards

Practical Resources

Angelo TA, Cross KP. 1993. Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers (2nd ed.). San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Johnson DW, Johnson R, Smith K. 1998. Active learning: Cooperation in the College Classroom. Edina, MN.: Interaction Book Company.

McKeachie WJ.2002. Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers (11th ed). Lexington, MA.: Heath and Co.