Michigan Tourism Economic Impact Model

The MITEIM model estimates economic impacts of tourism-related actions in an Excel workbook. The model employs visitor spending profiles for a set of travel segments to estimate visitor spending and a set of sector-specific multipliers. A number of spending datasets can be imported into the model as can sets of multipliers for the state of Michigan and various subregions.

To use the model for a particular application, you must enter or select:

The model estimates spending in up to 12 categories for as many as 12 segments. Direct and total impacts are estimated in terms of sales, personal income, jobs, and tax receipts. Total impacts include indirect and induced effects. Direct effects may be broken down by major sectors and compared with estimates of economic activity in the region to estimate impacts in absolute or relative terms.
Download the latest version and try it out. Download MITEIM.XLS (313K)  ,   MITEIM.DOC(179K)(documentation) (Updated MITEIM.XLS to include 2002 price indices and 2000 state multipliers, 10/2003)

Procedures to use the model:

    1. Download MITEIM.ZIP and extract the files to a local directory
    2. Load the MITEIM.XLS file in Excel (version 5 or higher) - you must enable macros when opening
    3. The MITEIM.DOC file contains program instructions and a model description.

A simpler on-line version of the MITEIM model is also available. The on-line version has statewide default values for spending and multipliers for applications to a rural, small metro, or statewide region. The spending averages may be adjusted for a particular application. The on-line version hasn't been updated yet - spending figures are 1998 values and multipliers are from 1996 models.

These programs are always under further development. Please send questions, comments or bugs to  stynes@msu.edu

Download section  : Files updated 10/1/01 and Multiplier files added

MITEIM Spreadsheet and documentation

Background reading on economic impact concepts and methods
    Bulletin covering economic impact concepts  - general background on economic impact concepts and methods
    Bulletin covering economic impact methods   - further details on approaches/methods for estimating economic impacts
    Guidelines for measuring visitor spending      - tips on visitor spending surveys, sampling and questionnaires
    Multipliers (HTML)  - HTML page discussing multipliers in soime detail
    Glossary of economic impact terms

Find further manuals and information in the MGM2section of this website. The MGM2 model uses the same approach as MITEIM, but is oriented toward estimating impacts of National Park Visitors rather then tourists in general. The following provide a quick on-line tour of MGM2 model and help in adjustng spending profiles.:

    How to estimate spending profiles                  - tips on constructing spending profiles (from our MGM2 models)
    Quick tour (on-line) of MGM2 model            - HTML short tour of MGM2 model
    Quick tour of a Short Form MGM2 model     - a Shortened version of MGM2 - we are adapting this to MITEIM

    Coming Attractions

    Michigan Tourist Spending data sets for special markets : golf, downhill ski, ORV, snowmobile,  B&B, state park, canoe, ...
    Michigan Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSA) - Statewide estimates for the year 2000. See  Lansing CVB Satellite-PDF  Marquette TSA98-PDF  for some local area TSA's

 If you woud like an economic impact analysis for your area, contact me stynes@msu.edu