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  • 1996 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, National Impacts of Recreation Visitor Spending Download PDF file
  • You can also download Excel files described in above report that compute spending and economic impacts of recreation activity for any CE project using the 1996 NRMS database; spending, party size and length of stay parameters estmated from surveys; and multipliers estimated using IMPLAN.  There are two versions of the workbook. Select the file to download it.
  • CEMGM.XLS : is the basic fill-in form described in the above report. (77K)
  •    CEMGMMAC.XLS : includes macros to paste in data from 1996 NRMS database. The file includes the 1996 NRMS database variables for all 456 CE projects, and a set of multipliers for 108 projects  (267K).
  • Download the Excel workbook and open it in Excel. The CEMGMMAC.XLS workbook has several macros, so you will need to select the "enable macros" button when opening the workbook. Spending estimates are based on visitation data reported in the 1996 NRMS database.
  •  1996 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Local Impacts for 456 CE Projects
  • Download Main Report as PDF
  • Appendix 1 - Local impacts for 456 projects
  • Appendix 2 - Multipliers for 108 projects
  • Appendix 3 - Worksheet for estmating economic impacts

  • Manuals and Software
      Bulletins on Concepts and MethodsTop
    1. Economic impacts of tourism. This bulletin is aimed at tourism industry managers and analysts. Economic impact concepts and methods are introduced along with the key issues that arise in assessing the economic impacts of tourism. The bulletin distinguishes economic impact assessment from related economic analyses, clarifies the definition and uses of multipliers, and introduces the most common approaches for estimating economic impacts of tourism.. The orientation is on understanding, interpreting and evaluating economic impact studies. For those considering an economic impact study, the bulletin covers typical costs and the preliminary design decisions without getting into technical details of models and methods.
    Download PDF file

    2. Approaches to Estimating the Economic Impacts of Tourism. Some Examples. This bulletin goes into greater detail on specific methods for estimating economic impacts of tourism. Three examples are presented to cover a range of approaches. Examples include a slightly modified version of a simple fill-in form developed by the National Park Service (The Money Generation Model), an intermediate approach of the Bureau of Economic Analysis that uses published sector-specific multipliers and illustrates margining issues, and our own MI-REC system that includes a spreadsheet spending model and the IMPLAN input-output modeling system. Concepts and methods introduced in the first bulletin are illustrated via these examples.Download PDF file

    3. Guidelines for Measuring Visitor Spending. This bulletin provides guidelines for conducting visitor spending surveys. The paper focuses especially on the key requirements when spending surveys are gathering data to be used in an economic impact assessment. Segmentation strategies are recommended. Suggested survey designs, sampling procedures, and a survey instrument are included. Download PDF file

    4. Overview of Tourism Multipliers.(HTML)