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Introd to scientific methods/research

On Science, Scientific Method And Evolution Of Scientific Thought (Malhotra) - Fallacies - summary of 42 common reasoning  fallacies (use with exercise 3) -examples of news reports with flawed reasoning

Identifying Good Research Problems

How to do Research Paul Hutchison ideas on coming up with research ideas
 What is Research? threaded discussion from Bobbi Kerlin site
  The Problem is the Problem George Gerbner advice on choosing problem
Identifying a Research Problem ; Rich Sanders ED 503 Course Education Research & Stat. Rest of his On-Line Course
Problem Identification:  Powerpoint slides

Proposals, Writing, Style Guides
Beginners Guide to Research Proposals
  Resources for Grant Writers on the Internet
Joe Levine's research writing guide
Guide for Writing a Funding proposal
Guide for Writing and Presenting Your Thesis or Dissertation
How to Organize your Thesis

 Sites with Full Text Access to Dissertations
 Electronic Theses and Dissertations in the Humanities

PRTR as Research Areas
           PRTR research sites
           USFS Rec Research
           NPS Science

Research Design

GAO reports

Definition & measurement
Scales of Measurement Worksheet - quiz on scales NOIR, discrete and continuous
Balancing Measures: Best Practices in Performance Management
 Performance Measurement - GPRA guidelines

    Questionnaire design (see also survey links)

Scales & indices -personality tests
Questionnaire and Rating Scale Construction Tips - can't locate
 TOP 2 Guide To The Design Of Questionnaires


Sampling On-line tutorial on sampling- sample size etc.
Probability Sampling Sampling section of Bill Trochim's Knowledge base site

Survey Methods

Am. Statistical Association Survey Research Site What Is a Survey?  More About Mail Surveys  How to Collect Survey Data - latest election poll results plus good treatments of  Focus Groups , Sampling Error,  Internet Polling,Questions About Polling - Gallup - National opinion research center

Recreation & Tourism surveys on web

Experimental Design

Secondary data analysis
 Data on web

Statistics On -Line

Electronic textbook : Superb stat text from makers of StatSoft
eBMJ -- Statistics at Square One : Bio-medical stat text from GB, based on Douglas Swinscoe text
HyperStat Online Contents : David Lane's introductory hypertext - also good links to others and some stat humor (if that isn't a oxymoron).
Psychological Statistics at SMSU : links to David Stokburgere's introductory and multivariate on-line texts.
Surf Stat.australia Excellent on-line statistics text
2x2 Chi square calculator - Mary Beth Oliver at Viginia Tech
UCLA Statistics cases - NB fitness, exercise and heart disease- some simple case examples
 BTS?s Guide to Good Statistical Practice
 Statistics Canada Quality Guidelines
 Standards for Discussion and Presentation of Errors in Survey and Census Data  - more technical piece from JASA
GAO Guide to Data Analysis PEMD-10.1.11
 The Decision Matrix on Trial/OJ Trial Analogy
Regression - entertaining webpage on linear regression from 3 Psych students at New Mexico State U.
 Pitfalls of data analysis
Qualitative methods

QL Ring Sites : Qualitative web ring
*BOBBI'S PLACE: The Qualitative Research Page  : Bobbi Kerlin's page- excellent set of references ( Qualitative Research Bibliography ) and links
Qualitative Research Web Sites
This is the Phenomenology Page.
The Practice of Social Research - Chapter Resources

*Qualitative Research in Information Systems : Broad coverage of qualitative methods even though focus is on information systems.
Qualitative Methods QualPage

Focus groups : lots of web sites on focus groups. Here's a couple:
Focus Groups
Focus group session from Ryerson

 Case Studies
 PEMD-10.1.9 -GAO report on evaluation using case studies (large PDF).

    In-depth interviews
Part Four: Interviewing

    Phenomonology: - Max von Manen's site
 Youth tourism as Appropiation of the World: A Psychological Perspective
Find a commercial market research organization/consulting firm and review what they provide about focus group and related methods, e.g. Focus Group and Market Research Services at Northstar Research Inc.
 Getting Started with Nudist

 Content Analysis - can be both quantitative or qualitative
 Resources Related to Content Analysis and Text Analysis
 Content Analysis and Qualitative Research
 Content Analysis
 The Diffusion of Innvovation: The Fortune 100 and the Internet
 Analysis of Media Texts: Content Analysis

Refs: Holsti, O. Content analysis.

Focus Groups:
 Quantitative Methods in Public Administration
 Focus group session from Ryerson (need headphones for sound)
Focus Groups - summary
Add social research update report

Refs: Stewart.

Case Studies: can be both quantitative or qualitative

GAO Case Study Design : PDF report from GAO on case study research for evaluation. . Reviews six types of case studies 1. illustrative (descriptive, give in-depth examples), 2. exploratory (to generate hypotheses), 3 . critical instance (unique case or critical test), 4. pgm implementation, 5. pgm effects (establish causality) 6. cumulative - bring together findings from several cases. Summary chapter provides good overview
Nominal Group Technique:  Nominal Group Technique: A Users' Guide
Refs-  Yin. Case Study
DATA Analysis and Statistics
Statistics Texts on line
The Research Ethics Initiative
Ethics in Science
NAS On Being a Scientist report: responsible conduct in research
APA Ethics Code AEA Guiding principles for evaluators,
 UCRIHS website, UCRIHS Handbook
Reflections on Determining Authorship Credit and Authorship Order on Faculty–Student Collaborations
Research Writing & Presentation

Bibiography of Web Sites On Writing
Citing from the Internet: APA Style
Citing from the Internet: MLA Style
A Hypertext Research Paper
Updated version of the APA Manual Crib Sheet
APA style resources
Research paper guide from Trinity Sociological tour page
The Graduate School Home Page
Guide to statistics and research for media
Special Topics
Internet research
Education & Research Using Internet: (tm)
 Theses and Dissertations on the Web
Applied policy research - impact evaluation
Policy and Guidance Materials : GAO bulletins on research and evaluation. Several excellent but long PDF's.
Others- course outlines
 World Bank Impact evaluation pages: Good overview of evaluation methods in context of evaluating poverty programs. Good case studies and example sin larger reports--   Evaluating the Impact of Development Projects on Poverty: A Handbook for PractitionersMonitoring and Evaluation



Research Methods On-Line Texts and Tutorials

Knowledge Base Home Page:  Bill Trochim's on-line evaluation research methods text from Cornell.
Methods in Behavioral Research:  Paul Cosby research methods course from psychology .
Research Methods Tutorials - research methods topic web pages by Trochim's students.
How to do Research : Ian Kennedy research methods course. This one has gone commercial - must buy CD.

The Research Process : From Marilyn Joppe in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Ryerson (Toronto)
Research Methods in Social and Natural Sciences - Maricopa County Comm College - check web page version.
Other Courses on Research methods - from Hawkes at SIU -  Michael Basil Marketing Research Methods Course
ResearchMethods: A Process of Inquiry, 4/e Graziano & Raulin
Rich Sanders ED 503 Course Education Research & Stat.

Materials to accompany some hard copy texts (not complete on line course, but outlines, powerpoints, links, references or other useful information.)

Marketing Research - Alvin Burns website at LSU to accompany his text
Research Design Explained (Psychology methods text)- Mitchell & Jolley
Babbie - Practice of Social Research at Prentice Hall
 SPSS for Psychologists Brace, Kemp and Snelgar (some sample chapters from MacMillan text)
 Practical Research: Planning and Design: 7/e
 Kotler - Marketing Web Site
Research Methods in Consumer Sciences

PRTR as Research Areas
General PRTR Research links
Clemson Tourism Issues

Internet Resources for Outdoor Recreation Research

Yiannakis Reference lists for leisure, tourism and sport - in 54 focused categories

Troy Glovers links from Waterloo- Park and Recreation Administration

Recreation and Leisure Studies: Resources on the World Wide Web  Trends Articles

Tourism gateways from Peter Williams
Tourism, Hospitality, and Recreation Research - links from Penn State
Tourism books list- Alistair Morrison/Dimitrios Buhalis
Tourism journals list of Alistair Morrison
Tourism - National extension database
**Wilderness Information Network - research link has 285 downloadable papers at last count.
ORCA's Home Page   including their State of Industry Report
American Recreation Coalition Welcome Page
Rob Bristow's recreation geography course:  course library
Recreation and Tourism Surveys on web
USFS SE Station iincluding NSRE 2000 Home Page
Outdoor Recreation in America 1999: The Family and the Environment© - Roper Starch Survey from ARC
National Survey of Fishing, Hunging, and Wildlife
1995 American Travel Survey - from Bureau of Transp Statistics
More Tourism Data Sites
ITA Tourism Industries
  •  Survey of International Air Travelers (In-Flight Survey) Program
  •  Visitor Arrivals Program (I-94 Form)
  •  U.S. International Air Traveler Statistics (I-92) Program
  •  The In-flight survey questionnairer at CIC Research .

    IVIS - International Visitor Information System
    Research on impacts of tourism - bibiliography
    Alberta Centre for Well-Being
    Academy of Leisure Sciences
    National Recreation and Youth Development Consortium
    Do Outdoor Adventure Program Alleviate Negative Behavior Among At-Risk Youth?: A Review of the empirical literature
    Recreation & Tourism Research Sites

    USDA Forest Service  USDA Forest Service Research
     Cultural Heritage, Outdoor Recreation, Social Sciences, and Wilderness ResearchOutdoor Recreation Research Recreation Fee Demonstration Program

        Six primary research locations:
             Southeast: Outdoor Recreation and Wilderness Assessment.

     Riverside, CA:  Wildland Recreation and Urban Cultures (PSW-4902)
    North Central (NC-4902). North Central Research Station.
    Fort Collins: Identification and Valuation of Wildland Resource Benefits (RMS 4851).
    Missoula: WildrnessAldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute (RMS-4901).
    Burlington, Vermont. (no link)

    National Park Service

    NPS Social Science Program: Products : Visitor Survey Projects, monograph series from Gary Machlis
    Public Use Statistics Office Home Page : Comprehensive NPS data from Butch Street
    National Park Service - Park Planning : Other NPS stuff
    NPS strategic plan


    Tourism Research
    TIA Travel Industry Association of America (TIA)
    WTTC World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC)
    WTO World Tourism Organisation (WTO)
    ITTR Institute for Tourism and Recreation Resource (ITRR) - University of Montana
    TTRRC Canadian Tourism Exchange (CTX)
    Econimpact International Trade Administration
    Shifflet etc or link to them

    Illinois Tourism Facts -  good example of state tourism data/research

     Other Links  from Illinois tourism site

     Leisurenet - - by ANZALS
     Canadian Association for Leisure Studies
    Sports Information Resource Centre
    Smith Travel Research
    D.K. Shifflet & Associates

     Travel & Tourism Research Association (TTRA)

     Think Tanks and Research Institutes - Project Vote Smart
     Environmental Management, Performance Measurement
     Online Environmental Organizations
    Vice President Gore's National Partnership For Reinventing Government
    Am Rec Coalition home page
    National Recreation and Park Association
    Industry sites - see Trends website


    Journals & Publications (need to update/edit)

    Tourism Journals List - Tourism Research Resources : See Alistair Morrison's  comprehensive site for more tourism journal links
     Journal of Travel Research
    Journal of Leisure Research
    Journal of Park and Recreation Administration
     Annals of Tourism Research
    Leisure and Society
    Journal of Applied Recreation Research TOC's vol 15-23 Recreation Research Review Vols 5-14 TOC;
     Leisure Studies
     Managing Leisure
    Journal of Sport Management
     Festival Management & Event Tourism
     Information Technology & Tourism
     Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing
     Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly
     Tourism Management
     Tourism Analysis
     Tourism and Hospitality Research
     Journal of Tourism Studies
     Journal of Sustainable Tourism
     Journal of Sports Tourism
    Current Issues in Tourism
    Journal of Leisure Research
    Journal of Park and Recreation Administration
    Therapeutic Research Journal
    Visions in Leisure and Business
    Loisiret Société / Society and Leisure World Leisure & Recreation Association Journal
    Venture Publishing
    Sage Home Page
    Economics, Business and
    NRPA& SPRE Leisure Research Symposium Home Page
    Cog &Psy Sci: Journals & Magazines

    Leisure Research Symposium

    1999 Leisure Research Symposium Presentations
     Past Leisure Research Symposium abstracts

     2000 Leisure Research Symposium Call for Papers


    Links to National and Michigan Economic and Research Databases (This is couple years old to need to update some links)

    Other Misc Sites

    American Demographics / Marketing Tools - check Marketing tools magazine and suppliers
    GPRA stuff
    Managing for ResultsCustomer Service/Surveys Employee Survey
     Use of Strategic Planning and Reinvention and Implementation of the GPRA at the National Park Service's Denver Service Center
     Use of Strategic Planning at the Bureau of Land Management
    Two reports from national transportation library (old text format)
        Assessing Recreation Demand Recreation needs assessment guidelines for MA. - good guide to needs assessment
        Guide For Highway Impact Studies Guide for Highway Impact Studies, U.S. Department of Commerce
    APAPublication Manual Crib Sheet : from Pysch web
    WWW Virtual Library: Sociology
    Infocentral: Internet Research Methods
    TOURISM PLANNING        Stynes & O'Halloran Bulletin
    Tourism Database       Searchable national database of extension materials
    SPSS Data Sets
    Bibliography of Leisure Constraints Research - dead/moved
    Resources for Grant Writers on the Internet

    Literature Searching on WEB

    MSU Libraries'Electronic Resources Library
    How To No. 44 Social Sciences Citation Index on CD-ROM for searching Social Science Citation Index at Library on CD-ROM.
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    Search Engines

     MetaSearch: All4one Search Machine : MetaSearch 4 popular search engines and directories simultaneously using frames.
     Live Links : Kennedy's research method links using inference find.
     Search engines

    Others to check & classify : resources from ASU
     DowntownAnywhere Sports Arena - sports sites links Chronicle of higher ed
     ScholarlyElectronic Journals - Trends and Academic Attitudes: A Research Proposal - Virginia Institute of Government, Comprehesnive Services Act evaluation tools