Class Updates
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Instructor: Charles Steinfield
Monday Lecture (All sections)
3:00 - 4:50pm, 155 Comm Arts

Wednesday Labs
Sec. 001, 5:00 - 6:50pm, 1210 Anthony
Sec. 002, 12:40 - 2:30pm, 1210 Anthony

Welcome to the TC 462c Class Web Site, offered by the Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media at Michigan State University. This site serves as the course syllabus for the Spring 2007 semester.

The course provides an introduction to the world of electronic commerce, including an overview of the basic logic of doing business online, the current status of e-commerce, and exposure to important e-commerce cases. It is organized as a lecture and lab course, with Mondays devoted to discussion of e-commerce theory and cases, and Wednesday labs focused on developing some basic skills needed to add an e-commerce component to a company web site. An important part of the class is a group project designed to familiarize students with some of the challenges of developing a working online commerce site. Course readings and slides used in class are only available for students enrolled in the course through this Web site.

Please be sure to carefully read all policies related to the course, keep track of topics and required readings on the schedule page, and refer to the assignments page for information about any projects assigned to the class. The resources page provides links to other Web sites that you might find useful during the semester.