TC840 Foundations of Digital Media Art & Technology covers foundational technology and design concepts and skills unique to and common across video, audio, multimedia, and 3D/VR. The course explores the diversity of digital media arts and technology as well as the integration and commonalities of the field.

Students are introduced to high level concepts of digital media and have to apply them to hands-on projects. The high-level concepts include human-computer interaction, the architecture of digital media, the production cycle, the applications of digital media, and more. The hands-on projects focus on the creation of digital media, given the current state of hardware and software tools. The course covers core concepts that cut across most delivery platforms of digital media, including CD-ROM, DVD, computer kiosk, and network and broadcast distribution. Several tools of the trade will be covered, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Director, Final Cut Pro, Cinema 4D, and various web authoring tools. The course also covers present career options and suggests future coursework.

The class meetings will include presentations of topics and demonstrations of tools and techniques by the instructor(s). Additional presentations will be given by various visiting experts. Students will also be expected to give a few small presentations in class.

The course work includes several defined mini-projects, each which emphasizes a set of key topics in digital media design. The students must also create a semester project that demonstrates their overall understanding of the topics in the course.

Digital media is a very multidisciplinary subject. The students enrolled in this course have traditionally been very diverse in their background knowledge and skills. This has led to the course being taught as a very collaborative learning environment where each of our unique skill sets compliment and enhance each others.

This course is usually taught in the Fall semester.


This course is for Telecommunication masters students, particularly those interest in digital media. However, the course is open to non-majors and undergraduate students as space allows.

There are no set prerequisites for the course. However, the course is by application only. You can apply via the web.

For more information about the course, email Brian Winn (