U.S. and World War II Europe: Memory and Memorials

Office of Study Abroad, Michigan State University
of Arts and Letters
American Studies and Integrative Studies in Arts and Humanities

Jeff Charnley, Faculty Program Leader

Julie O'Connor, Program Assistant

15. May - 29. June, 2006

On Campus Phase of Program 15-25 May 2006


Departure from Detroit Metro 2 June 2006

Selected Student Writing Assignments
  London (1) (2)


Normandy, France

D-Day Invasion Areas

Sword, Juno and Gold Beaches

Modern “Flower Power”


Ste. Mere Eglise

   Utah Beach  


Omaha Beach and the US Military Cemetery  


Le Mont Saint Michel and a Special Group Dinner as We Leave Normandy




 Epernay, France


 Bastogne, Belgium



      Sherman Tank and Students Examining a Local War Memorial

“Route of Liberty” KM marker 1147—688 miles from the first marker at Utah Beach in Normandy

 Moselle River and Koblenz, Germany

 Rhine River Cruise

Students exploring this German university town

Weimar, Germany

A “Balanced Diet” of Brats                           Market Square in Weimar, Germany
 Buchenwald Concentration Camp


Students study the “Little Camp Memorial” at Buchenwald

Elie Wiesel was among those imprisoned in this part of Buchenwald and liberated in April 1945.


One of the many Berlin Bears on display in the city during our stay in 2006


Street scene near a canal in Amsterdam 

                            We’ve  just visited the Anne Frank House Museum. 

The original copy of Anne’s famous wartime diary is at this museum.


Homeward Bound!

We’re ready to board our flight back to the US from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam on 29 June 2006!

Final exams are completed!



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