Treatment and Prevention


Drug of choice:  Praziquantel

For cysticercosis:  Albendazole with steroids to reduce inflammation

Treatment of cysticercosis must be monitored carefully for inflammation reactions to the dying cysticerci, especially if they are present in the brain.
Cysticerci in some parts of the body may be surgically removed.
Also, care must be taken during treatment for adults so that vomiting is not induced which may cause reverse peristalsis.


Infection by Taenia solium adults can be prevented by fully cooking pork before eating it. 

Prevention of cysticercosis includes the prompt identification and removal of adult infections to eliminate the possibility of autoinfection.  Proper sanitation and hygiene can prevent the occurrence of eggs in the environment that could lead to cysticercosis.

Proper disposal of feces and prevention of contamination with food given to pigs is also important. 

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