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Reading Skills

An Adviser's Top Three Suggestions

Help on Campus

The best place to go on campus is the Learning Resources Center in 202 Bessey. They have several handouts on speed reading, reading comprehension, and reading skills for various disciplines as well as reading skills related software. They also offer several reading seminars and workshops each semester and will see students on an individual basis for assistance with reading skills development.

Help on the Web

Study Your Text More Efficiently

This link will download a pdf file, created by Long Beach City College, that explains the steps - Preview, Read, Recall - that can make reading textbook material a worthwhile study experience.

SQ3R – A Reading/Study System

Try out this very popular, successful method of reading. This Virginia Tech site gives very clear, concise suggestions on how to utilize this method.

Reading in the Sciences

Different subjects require different reading techniques. This website gives tips for analyzing and synthesizing text material for better comprehension of scientific texts. .