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Your Study Environment

An Adviser's Top Three Suggestions

Help on Campus

Good places to study may be your residence hall rooms, quiet lounges in your hall and all the libraries on campus. In addition to these, individual departments may have quiet library/study space for students in their majors. Check out the campus and find the space that’s just right for you.

You may also wish to participate in a study group for a particular class. Good ways to do this are to form one with classmates, participate in one organized through your residence hall or participate in a Learning Resources Center study group.

Help on the Web

Study and Success Strategies

The University of California - Berkeley has some good tips and links to information on such things as when and where to study and dealing with outside distractions. The site also includes a 7-day plan for eliminating procrastination.

Control of the Environment

Virginia Tech provides detailed suggestions on how to arrange your study environment as well as tips to help you stay on track.

Avoiding Study Distractions

From the Study Guides and Strategies Skills series learn about the art of concentrating while studying and what you can control while you study.

Study Environment Analysis

Virginia Tech has created a short assessment to help you evaluate the 3 places in which you study the most frequently and identify which one may be your best study location.

Evaluate Your Study Habits