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Michigan State University strives to be a welcoming, caring and inclusive community where the tenet of diversity of people and ideas is respected and valued. Open communication and rigorous debate are woven into the fabric of teaching and learning.

Even as we denounce in the strongest and deepest terms racism, bigotry, and discredited ideologies; placing restrictions on the exchange of ideas, free inquiry, or controversial discourse diminishes the fundamental principles of higher education.

MSU, like all academic institutions, exists for the advancement of knowledge, the pursuit of truth, the development of students, and the promotion of the general well-being of society. A critical component for the attainment of these goals is the freedom of expression.

The First Amendment to the United States Constitution prohibits the government –including governmental entities such as state universities like Michigan State –from interfering with freedom of speech.

Sharing, arguing and dissecting varying opinions and ideas help people learn from one another and aid in the formulation and solidification of our own views. With that said, it is important to realize that not all speech is protected, and incidents of bias, harassment, intimidation and discrimination that deny or limit a student’s ability to participate in or benefit from the educational process are inconsistent with our core values, and are often illegal and against University policy

Incidents that cause one to feel threatened or unsafe should be reported to the Office of Institutional Equity or the Michigan State University Police Department.