Todd Lucas

Todd  Lucas
  • C.S. Mott Endowed Professor of Public Health
  • Established through a gift from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
  • Stress and Preventive Health Behavior Pathways


Todd Lucas, Ph.D., is a social and health psychologist whose research considers psychosocial causes of racial health disparities. He is particularly focused on stress and preventive health behavior pathways, such as cancer screening. His research especially considers psychological justice—the causes and resulting health and social consequences of perceiving injustice for individuals and communities. 

Dr. Lucas's research is both psychophysiological, in considering how psychosocial factors “get under the skin” to affect health, and intervention focused, in attempting to develop strategies to reduce disparities. He has received funding from sources such as the National Cancer Institute and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute to support his program of research on topics that have ranged from understanding stress reactivity responses to injustice to promoting better uptake of colorectal cancer screening.