Allan L. Sherwin

Allan L.  Sherwin
  • Dr. Lewis J. & Mrs. Ruth E. Minor Chef-Professor of Culinary Management
  • Established through a gift from Lewis and Ruth Minor, and Ruth Ann Minor-Fields
  • Hospitality Business


Allan Sherwin is the Dr. Lewis J. and Mrs. Ruth E. Minor Chef/Professor of Culinary Management in the School of Hospitality Business at the Eli Broad College of Business. He is an alumnus of the program and the Honors College at Michigan State University.

Chef Sherwin received a Master of Science degree from R.I.T. in Rochester, New York. He is a Certified Executive Chef and Certified Chef Educator from the American Culinary Federation, certified as a Chef de Cuisine from the Midland Chef’s Association in the U.K., and certified as a Food Service Professional from the National Restaurant Association. 

His research interests include fermented beverages and international cuisine and culture. Chef Sherwin has owned a national award-winning restaurant, was director of Culinary Education at the Center for Maritime Education in Maryland, and was responsible for training all the chefs on registered American vessels throughout the world. Chef Sherwin has been program director at Santa Barbara City College in Santa Barbara, California; The University of Montana in Missoula; and Paul Smith’s College in New York. He is an author and coauthor of textbooks used in hospitality education.