Nassar-related information

Larry Nassar is a former employee of Michigan State University convicted on several counts of criminal sexual conduct. The majority of these assaults happened under the guise of medical treatment. Acting President Satish Udpa delivered an apology to the survivors in which he acknowledged we were too slow to grasp the enormity of the offenses and failed to treat them with the care and respect they deserved. The university is committed to acting more thoughtfully and working with our community to create solutions for a safer, more secure and more supportive university.

Information about calls to waive attorney-client privilege, March 26, 2021
Today the Board of Trustees responded to Attorney General Dana Nessel’s Feb. 24 letter renewing her request that the university take the action of waiving attorney-client privilege regarding specific documents related to Larry Nassar. In our response, we have notified the Attorney General that the Board will not be taking this action and, therefore, will continue to maintain attorney-client privilege. Read more

Eradicating RVSM remains key priority for MSU, Jan. 15, 2021
We all want a campus climate that is safe, inclusive and one we are proud of — a climate that is vigilant in preventing sexual misconduct, one that better protects survivors and one that is inclusive of all people. We must build a climate in which all members of our campus feel emotionally and physically safe and respected. Read more

More than 30 tasks completed in first year of federal review, Sept. 1, 2020
Michigan State University has completed 33 tasks required through a review by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. Read more

Statement on decision in Lou Anna K. Simon case, May 13, 2020
MSU remains committed to the changes needed that ensure a stronger, safer and more respectful campus community for all students, faculty and staff. Read more

Lt. Munford awarded for work in Nassar case, April 20, 2020
Lt. Andrea Munford was recognized by End Violence Against Women International with the 2020 Professional Impact Award for her victim-centered, trauma-informed approach to investigating Larry Nassar. Read more

Healing fund expanded to cover additional mental health care costs, March 31, 2020
Based on feedback from the survivor community and recommendations from the Michigan State University Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Expert Advisory Workgroup, the MSU Board of Trustees has expanded the medical services eligible for reimbursement under the Counseling and Mental Health Services Fund. Read more

Statement on verdict in Kathie Klages case, Feb. 14, 2020
We appreciate the jury’s careful consideration of this case and respect its decision. Read more

Statement on status of AG Nassar investigation, Dec. 24, 2019
We appreciate all the time and hard work the Attorney General’s Office has put into their investigation over the past two years. MSU has cooperated fully with the inquiry, including handing over all facts associated with the case. Read more

Statement on Simon trial status, Oct. 28, 2019
It is not appropriate to comment on the status or charges against her as this is an active legal case. Read more

New webpage tracks progress on actions addressing federal reviews, Oct. 10, 2019
The Track Our Progress link on the MSU Our Commitment website contains a visual overview of what actions have been implemented, what is in progress and what actions the university still needs to take. Read more

Trustee Byrum: Statement on independent investigation, Sept. 6, 2019
Since the June meeting, the board has continued discussing the scope of work for McDermott, Will and Emory. Unfortunately, we are split on defining the scope of work and we have made the decision to not move forward with a letter of engagement at this time. Read more

Stanley sets course of action following federal reviews, Sept. 5, 2019
President Stanley announced several actions today in response to the investigations concluded by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights and Clery Act Compliance Division including accepting June Youatt’s resignation as provost. Read more

New fund administrator set to begin supporting MSU Nassar survivors, Aug. 22, 2019
Starting Sept. 1, survivors of former doctor Larry Nassar seeking reimbursement from MSU for counseling and mental health services will be supported by New Directions Behavioral Health. Read more

Stanley appoints advisers on sexual misconduct issues, Aug. 19, 2019
Rebecca Campbell, chair of the RVSM Expert Advisory Workgroup and psychology professor, and Andrea Munford, a lieutenant with MSU Police Department’s Center for Trauma-Informed Investigative Excellence, will report directly to Stanley to provide guidance and make strategic recommendations. Read more

Statement on agreement with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Aug. 12, 2019
The agreed-upon revisions recommended by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Civil Rights further enhance the many protection and policy improvements MSU has made since Nassar’s arrest. Read more

Trustees make Nassar-related announcements, June 21, 2019
The Board of Trustees announced the creation of the Counseling and Mental Health Services Fund as well as their intention to initiate an independent investigation into the facts associated with the Nassar case. Read more

Statement on conviction of William Strampel, June 12, 2019
Today’s verdict reinforces the need for Michigan State to continue improving the climate for all faculty, staff and students at the university. Read more

Intermediate healing fund established for Nassar survivors, Feb. 28, 2019
Michigan State University Board of Trustees directed the university to re-establish a fund to support counseling and mental health services for the survivors of Larry Nassar. While the details of the new fund are being developed, the university has established an intermediate fund. Read more

Udpa apologizes to Nassar survivors, Feb. 15, 2019
I want you to know that on behalf of this university I love, as acting president and an executive officer, and as a former dean and faculty member, I realize the need to formally apologize and to effectively atone. Read more

Board Chair: Statment on re-establishing healing fund, Feb. 15, 2019
It is our plan to re-establish the fund that was frozen last summer, under the original parameters initially set forth. Read more

Board Chair: Statement on healing fund, Jan. 9, 2019
Today, reaffirming the Board’s ongoing commitment to supporting survivors, the Board of Trustees unanimously instructed the university to establish a fund to assist with the cost of counseling and mental health services for former patients of Larry Nassar. Read more

MSU makes $500 million settlement payment to survivor fund, Dec. 4, 2018
Interim President John Engler and the Michigan State University Board of Trustees announced completion of the university’s financial transfer into a court-created settlement fund, fulfilling its agreement with sexual assault survivors of Larry Nassar. Read more

Statement on charges filed against former president, Nov. 20, 2018
We are aware of the charges brought today against former President Lou Anna K. Simon. Read more

Statement on investigation of Healing Assistance Fund, Oct. 19, 2018
We want to ensure these funds were being distributed appropriately so it is important to allow the MSU Police Department time to complete a thorough investigation. Read more

Statement on new lawsuit allegations, Sept. 11, 2018
We are deeply sorry for the abuses Larry Nassar has committed, and for the trauma experienced by all sexual assault survivors. Read more

Statement on charges filed against Kathie Klages, Aug. 23, 2018
The university was not present when she gave statements to the Michigan State Police, so we have no comment on what she told investigators or the charges announced today. Read more

New police initiative focuses on trauma-informed investigative support services, Aug. 2, 2018
MSU Interim President John Engler and Police Chief Jim Dunlap announced that Lt. Andrea Munford has recently been assigned to develop a comprehensive program on law enforcement investigations into relationship violence and sexual assault on a trauma-informed and victim-centered basis. Read more

Robert Young: Statement on insurance carriers, July 26, 2018
We are suing our carriers, including our largest carrier United Educators, for failing to honor their policies. Read more

Statement on Status of Healing Assistance Fund, July 26, 2018
It was brought to our attention earlier this week by the firm that manages the Healing Assistance Fund that there are possible fraudulent claims being made. Read more

Survivors and parents join MSU Museum to preserve teal ribbons, July 25, 2018
Survivors of Larry Nassar’s sexual abuse, their parents and MSU community members have joined curators from MSU Museum to begin the process of preserving the more than 200 teal mesh bows wrapped around trees across MSU’s campus. Read more

Newly signed agreement means Strampel is gone from MSU, July 6, 2018
William Strampel, former dean of the Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, retired from MSU effective June 30, 2018 under an agreement signed July 5. His retirement means the university will not continue with the tenure revocation process, which Interim President John Engler called for in February. Read more

Robert Young: Statement on Attorney General search warrant, June 29, 2018
We stand behind our previous position on this issue, that the Attorney General's Office is not entitled to examine our lawyer’s communication and legal advice to the university. We have been cooperating with the Attorney General’s investigation, and will continue to do so. Read more

Board Chair: Statement regarding Interim President John Engler, June 21, 2018
A majority of the Board of Trustees appreciates the statement issued today by the MSU Interim President John Engler. Engler’s apology for the comments contained in an April email that was released last week is appropriate and appreciated by a majority of the Board. Read more

Interim President Engler: Statement on apology to survivors, June 21, 2018
Last week while I was on my way to Texas, a private email conversation of mine from April was made public. I didn’t give it the consideration it warranted. That was a big mistake. I was wrong. I apologize. Read more

Interim President Engler: Statement on settlement, May 16, 2018
A successful mediation has a been a priority for the university and for me since I arrived on campus in February. The entire MSU community has worked hard at changes to make sure a monster like Larry Nassar could never hide again on our campus. Read more

Board Chair: Statement on settlement, May 16, 2018
We recognize the need for change on our campus and in our community around sexual assault awareness and prevention. A successful resolution to the litigation is a positive step in moving us all forward. Read more

MSU and Nassar survivors agree in principle to settlement, May 16, 2018
Attorneys representing 332 survivors of former Michigan State University doctor Larry Nassar in lawsuits against MSU and attorneys for the university announced a global settlement in principle totaling $500 million. Read more

Provost Youatt: Statement on reviews of former Dean Strampel, May 1, 2018
I find the descriptions of Strampel’s behavior that continue to come to light shocking and appalling. For all we have accomplished around student success, we have not yet created the kind of environment where our community feels safe and supported. Read more

Interim President Engler: Statement on conduct of former Dean Strampel, April 26, 2018
What I continue to learn about Bill Strampel disgusts me. Anytime concerns are raised about faculty and staff behavior, we take those concerns seriously and investigate. Read more

Statement from Carol Viventi, April 18, 2018
I offer my sincerest and most heartfelt apology for the letter I sent to MSU leaders after the Board meeting. Read more

Interim President Engler: Statement on survivor discussion, April 13, 2018
I met with Kaylee and Lisa Lorincz’s on March 28. Also in the meeting were Carol Viventi and Emily Guerrant. Read more

Statement from former Supreme Court Chief Justice Bob Young, special counsel for MSU, March 28, 2018
As a result of new plaintiffs and new claims being filed in federal court, the court ordered MSU to respond to these filings by today. Read more

Interim President Engler: Statement on mediation, March 28, 2018
I came to MSU with the intention of concluding the lawsuits as soon as possible in a fair and just manner. The survivors should not have to endure years of litigation. Read more

Interim President Engler: Statement on arrest of former Dean Strampel, March 27, 2018
One of the first actions I took upon my appointment as interim president of Michigan State University in early February was to pursue revocation of tenure and removal of former Dean William Strampel. Read more

Interim President Engler: Letter to MSU community, Feb. 13, 2018
On this second day of my second week as interim president, I think it is important to address several matters many of you have raised with me. Read more

Statement on Nassar's Eaton County sentencing, Feb. 5, 2018
Larry Nassar’s final sentencing today on state criminal sexual conduct charges brings the criminal proceedings to a close. Read more

Interim President Engler: Statement on accepting responsibility as interim president, Jan. 31, 2018
It is humbling to accept this interim president position in these difficult times for my beloved alma mater MSU. Read more

Board Chair: Letter to MSU community, Jan. 26, 2018Today, the Board of Trustees met to take important actions to begin a new day at MSU. Read more

Statement on Nassar's Ingham County sentencing, Jan. 24, 2018
Larry Nassar’s sentencing today on state criminal sexual conduct charges represents another important step toward justice. Read more

President Simon: Letter to MSU community, Jan. 19, 2018
With several events related to the terrible crimes committed by former MSU physician Larry Nassar in the news, I want to describe what we are doing to address the issues arising from this matter and, more importantly, the steps we are taking to support his victims, create the safest campus environment possible, and do our utmost to prevent something such as this from ever happening again. Read more

President Simon: Statement on letter to Attorney General, Jan. 19, 2018
The testimony of Nassar’s victims this week made many of us, including me, listen to the survivors and the community in a different way. Read more

Statement on victim impact statements in Ingham County, Jan. 16, 2018
Many at MSU, including President Simon and Board of Trustee Chairperson Brian Breslin, have been viewing the brave women who have come forward to tell their stories at Larry Nassar’s sentencing hearing. Words cannot express the sorrow we feel for Nassar’s victims. Read more

National organizations selected to oversee Healing Assistance Fund, Jan. 11, 2018
Michigan State University has selected the Commonwealth Mediation and Conciliation Inc. (CMCI) and the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA) to help facilitate access to counseling and mental health services for the victims of former MSU physician Larry Nassar under the MSU Healing Assistance Fund. Read more

President Simon: Letter to the MSU community, Dec. 15, 2017
Last week, former MSU physician Larry Nassar was sentenced to 60 years in federal prison; he will spend the rest of his life behind bars. The sentence for possession of child pornography is the first of what I hope will be many lengthy prison sentences. Read more

President Simon: Remarks to Board of Trustees, Dec. 15, 2017
I am truly sorry for the abuse you suffered, the pain it caused, and the pain it continues to cause today. I am sorry a physician who called himself a Spartan so utterly betrayed your trust and everything this university stands for. Read more

Message from MSU Board of Trustees on Dec. 15, 2017
We are deeply saddened by the stories of abuse that led to this moment and grateful for the courage the victims showed in coming forward. Read more

Statement on Nassar's federal sentencing, Dec. 7, 2017
Nassar’s behavior was deeply disturbing and repugnant, as the state and federal criminal charges that he has been convicted of show. Read more

Statement on Nassar’s convictions in Ingham and Eaton counties, Nov. 29, 2017
The convictions of Larry Nassar on Nov. 22 in Ingham County and Nov. 29 in Eaton County on state criminal sexual conduct charges represent another important step toward justice for the victims. Read more

Response to plaintiffs’ Nov. 22 press conference, Nov. 22, 2017
As they have done before, today the plaintiffs’ attorneys have made accusations against the university claiming it is engaged in a ‘cover up of misconduct by university administrators.’ The university unequivocally denies this accusation. Read more

Statements on Nassar’s federal plea deal, July 11, 2017
As the plea agreement reached July 11 on the federal charges facing former MSU doctor Larry Nassar shows, his behavior was deeply disturbing and repugnant. Read more

President Simon: Letter to the MSU community on sexual assault, April 26, 2017
Dear MSU community member: As we approach the end of the school year, you likely are continuing to see media stories or comments related to the issue of sexual assault at MSU, either surrounding former MSU doctor Larry Nassar or allegations made against members of the MSU football program. Read more

President Simon: Remarks to Board of Trustees on Larry Nassar investigation, April 13, 2017
As victims continue to come forward to police regarding former MSU doctor Larry Nassar, I want to provide an update on our response to this critical situation. Read more

Message from MSU Board of Trustees on April 13, 2017
The Michigan State University Board of Trustees is being regularly briefed on the allegations of sexual assault concerning former MSU doctor Larry Nassar. Read more

President Simon: Message to MSU community on Larry Nassar investigation, Feb. 22, 2017
Our hearts continue to go out to those most directly affected as additional state charges are announced against former MSU employee Larry Nassar. Read more

MSU Police Chief James Dunlap: Remarks from press conference, Feb. 22, 2017
I want to sincerely thank the Attorney General, Assistant Attorneys General Angela Povilaitis and Robyn Liddell and MSU Police D/Sgt. Andrea Munford for their dedication and countless hours in investigating and preparing the Larry Nassar cases for prosecution. Read more

President Simon: Remarks to Board of Trustees on sexual assault, Feb. 17, 2017
MSU is currently dealing with several unrelated issues of sexual assault or harassment that people might associate together, because they’ve come to light at about the same time. Read more

Message from MSU Board of Trustees on Feb. 17, 2017
The Michigan State University Board of Trustees is deeply concerned about the allegations of sexual assault against former MSU doctor Larry Nassar connected to his work at MSU. Read more

President Simon: Letter to the MSU community on Larry Nassar investigation, Feb. 3, 2017
Dear MSU community member: You may have read media stories or comments related to former MSU doctor Larry Nassar, the sexual assault allegations against him, and his work at MSU and other organizations. You will undoubtedly see more. This situation is still unfolding as allegations continue to emerge regarding Nasser’s criminal and repugnant behavior. Read more