Taking action to foster a safer campus

MSU is committed to achieving the highest standards in assuring patient care and safety; preventing relationship violence and sexual misconduct; providing supportive services to students, staff, and faculty experiencing these issues; and responding in a trauma-informed manner to reports of such incidents. The university is working with internal and external experts to improve policies, procedures, programs, and operations.

As an indication of its resolve, the 2018-2019 budget includes funding for 13 new Title IX and related positions, including preventive and investigative staff; 10 positions in Counseling and Psychiatric Services; six new positions including advocacy, crisis intervention, and counseling staff in the Sexual Assault Program; four new MSU Police officers; two new Employee Assistance positions; two new Freedom of Information Act Office positions; and two positions in the new Office of Enterprise Risk Management, Ethics, and Compliance. Increased resources directed to response in recent months include expansion of MSU’s Title IX office from 17 to 32 employees, and authorized growth of the MSU Sexual Assault Program from 11 to 17 employees.

Download a full list of MSU's actions to promote a safer campus.

Protecting Patients and Improving Patient Care
Michigan State holds the medical profession in high regard, but its trust must be backed by supporting policies, procedures, and verification. Health care at MSU has been reorganized and new positions added to ensure accountability and policy adherence. Model patient safety and privacy protocols have been instituted, along with quality of care recommendations from an external review. More resources are being directed toward student mental health services. Third-party quality and safety assurance reviews assure delivery of our commitment to achieving the highest quality of patient care and safety standards. Read more

Prevention of Relationship Violence, Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Assault
MSU’s Title IX policies are compliant with all applicable legal requirements. The law firm of Husch Blackwell reviewed MSU’s Title IX policies and procedures and in addition to finding them compliant with all applicable legal requirements, the review found MSU to be at the forefront of a number of practices. MSU is implementing a number of recommendations stemming from the review. Read more

Responding to Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Assault
The University Policy on Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct is clear: MSU is committed to maintaining a learning and working environment for all students, faculty, and staff that is fair, humane, and responsible—an environment that supports career and educational advancement on the basis of job and academic performance. Relationship violence, stalking, and sexual misconduct are not tolerated at MSU. Read more