Improving Patient Care and Safety

We hold the medical profession in high regard and, sometimes, literally trust them with our lives. That trust, however, needs to be earned on a daily basis. MSU is determined to retain the confidence that our community has placed in us for decades.

New policies regarding informed consent and the role of exam-room chaperones have been strengthened and are already in effect. Third-party quality and safety assurance reviews are anticipated to start this summer as we continue our commitment to achieving the highest patient care and safety standards.

  • MSU strengthened MSU HealthTeam policies to help protect patients of university clinics. The HealthTeam created new policies that require chaperones during sensitive examinations and updated policies and protocols governing patient privacy and informed consent for examinations, treatments or procedures.
  • Interim President John Engler announced a reorganization of the university’s health colleges, clinical practices and student wellness programs to increase safety and quality of care across all MSU’s health care offerings. Two leadership positions have been created to ensure proper oversight of the health system.
  • Norman J. Beauchamp Jr., dean of the College of Human Medicine, has been appointed to the newly created position of associate provost and assistant vice president for health affairs. In this role, he works to increase safety and quality practices across all of MSU’s health care services.
  • Anthony M. Avellino, chief executive officer of OSF Healthcare Illinois Neurological Institute, will assume the roles of assistant provost for student health, wellness and safety and MSU HealthTeam chief medical officer. In this role, Avellino will assist with strategic development of initiatives and programs, assure compliance while ensuring best practices and exemplary care, as well as oversee core sports medicine and health care providers, guiding the ongoing reorganization of student health and wellness.
  • MSU is implementing improved patient safety, privacy protocols and quality of care recommendations from an external review of all MSU clinics.
  • As of March 1, the MSU HealthTeam has adopted five of the 17 recommendations proposed in the report, including adopting a new general consent form, creating a centralized risk management structure and legal record for electronic medical records, performing a marketing and advertising review by Risk Management, and enhancing email security to align with HIPAA.
  • All other recommendations are in progress of being implemented and will be completed by Fall 2018.
  • MSU is enhancing student-athlete medical care based on a comprehensive review by two respected sports medicine physicians. The independent external review assessed how care is delivered to student-athletes and provided recommendations for improvement including adjusting reporting relationships, creating a new position to oversee student-athlete health care and adding additional providers in the areas of dietetics and mental health.
  • The review was conducted by Anika Chhabra, M.D., a sports orthopedic surgeon at Mayo Clinic Arizona and team orthopedic surgeon for Arizona State University, and Steven M. Erickson, M.D., Medical Director of the Banner Concussion Center in Phoenix. Erickson is a former team physician for Arizona State University and currently serves Major League Baseball Umpires as a medical consultant.

Policies and Information

Patient Privacy During Procedures
Provider Volunteering for Outside Organizations