Protecting Patients and Improving Patient Care

Michigan State holds the medical profession in high regard, but its trust must be backed by supporting policies, procedures, and verification. MSU is implementing improved patient safety, privacy protocols, and quality of care recommendations from an external review of all MSU clinics. Third-party quality and safety assurance reviews are anticipated to start this summer as we continue our commitment to achieving the highest patient care and safety standards.

  • Although initially developed over a year ago, the MSU HealthTeam chaperone policy was revised in February to ensure a uniform patient workflow and documentation requirements. Changes have been made to the electronic health record to document the presence of a chaperone for sensitive exams, training for providers and staff was conducted, and the system went live March 21, 2018. 
    • An audit will be conducted in early June and the results will be provided to providers and staff and reported to the MSU HealthTeam board. Audits will be conducted quarterly, or as needed, thereafter.
    • In conjunction with the chaperone policy, a “consent to treat” form has been adopted for the patient at the time of registration. The form, when signed by the patient, gives patient consent to the provider for treatment, but also informs the patient of her or his right to a chaperone and makes it clear minors must have a chaperone present.
  • The MSU HealthTeam board approved a practice location policy which identifies approved HealthTeam practice locations. Locations can also be approved by the department chair and dean of the appropriate college, if the location is identified within the provider’s scope of practice.
  • The MSU HealthTeam patient satisfaction survey system is being reviewed for replacement in order to obtain better and more timely feedback from our patients on ways to improve our delivery system. The MSU HealthTeam is also developing uniform clinic signage for wayfinding and to inform patients of their rights, and is exploring placement of TV monitors in clinic waiting areas for patient educational purposes.
  • Interim President John Engler announced a reorganization of the university’s health colleges, clinical practices, and student wellness programs to increase safety and quality of care across all MSU’s health care offerings. Two leadership positions were created to ensure proper oversight of the health system.
    • Norman J. Beauchamp Jr., dean of the College of Human Medicine, was appointed to the newly created position of associate provost and assistant vice president for health affairs. In this role, he works to increase safety and quality practices across all of MSU’s health care services.
    • Anthony M. Avellino will assume the roles of assistant provost and chief wellness officer and MSU HealthTeam chief medical officer. Avellino will assist with strategic development of initiatives and programs, assure compliance while ensuring best practices and exemplary care, and oversee core sports medicine and health care providers, guiding the ongoing reorganization of student health and wellness.
    • Andrea Amalfitano, director of MSU’s Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, was confirmed by the MSU Board of Trustees as interim dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine.
  • MSU is enhancing student-athlete medical care based on a comprehensive review by external sports medicine physicians.
    • Two athletic trainers will be added to the 13 employed currently, and all now will report to medical supervisors rather than strictly through the athletic department.
    • Chaperone and “consent to treat” policies were standardized with those of MSU HealthTeam clinics, as was on-site signage raising awareness of those policies.
    • A “360” method of peer evaluation will be applied for sports medicine and training staff.
    • Athletic trainers’ manual is being revised and will be completed this summer.

Policies and Information

Patient Privacy During Procedures
Provider Volunteering for Outside Organizations