Protecting Youth on Campus

At MSU, we believe it is our moral obligation to make every effort to protect all youths who come to our campus and to do all we can to ensure all members of our staff are sensitive to the risk of child abuse.

To this end, we are in the process of rolling out an enhanced youth protection policy as well as providing additional training for those who will be supervising and interacting with youth. Every day, particularly during the summer, hundreds of children are on campus. We owe these "Spartans-to-be" and their families the confidence to participate in their chosen programs free from worry or concern.

  • MSU strengthened protections for youth participating in campus programs. The university’s youth program policy has been updated to mandate that all individuals who have unsupervised access to minors are required to undergo criminal background checks within the past 12 months. This extends to any external organization using MSU facilities. Additionally, new requirements have been put in place regarding annual trainings, reporting protocols and transportation of minors.
  • MSU hired a Youth Program Director to help manage and oversee all youth programs. David Chupak, hired in November 2017, has oversight of youth programs, including conducting trainings for coordinators and directors of MSU youth programs and promoting compliance with Youth Programs policies.
  • MSU is training employees on how to recognize and report child abuse. The university rolled out new enhanced training in March 2017 for individuals managing youth programs, including information about mandatory reporting requirements and recognizing signs of child abuse. This training is being expanded to a full-day workshop in March 2018.

Policies and Protocols

University Reporting Protocols: Child Abuse, Sexual Assault and Child Pornography
Conducting University Youth Programs