Los Angeles Spartans board

A message from the Los Angeles Spartans board,

We know with certainty, all MSU alumni support the survivors and sympathize with them and their families. Although we live 3,000 miles away from campus, the media reports are everywhere and much of what has been reported is hard to process.

We’ve all been asking many of the same questions, yet very few answers are available to us at this time. Until the official investigation is concluded, we may not have many of the answers. As your alumni board, we felt a need to address this with you the members of our Los Angeles Alumni community.

Bottom line... Larry Nassar was despicable. Period. He betrayed the trust of hundreds of young women under the guise of pain management. 175 plus years in prison will never forgive his actions. Hopefully with our support, the survivors will be able to heal. In addition to hurting those innocent lives, he has damaged the reputation of the university and shaken the alumni community by committing his crimes while wearing the Spartan logo.

Many of you may ask – How can we help? We are working with MSUAA to organize our annual Global Day of Service to include organizations who help victims of abuse.

You may also be asking - How do we go out in LA wearing a Spartan t-shirt and not feel embarrassment, anger, shame and risk people asking questions or making comments about the abuses and the investigations?

Please remember MSU is an institution with thousands of quality professors, students, employees, coaches and alumni living across the globe and WE are MSU. Individual people do not define MSU.

Our university has produced many great achievements in science, art, business, technology and literature; You are one of MSU's great achievements. That Spartan logo stands for so much more than the crimes of a few.

MSU may be the focus but is not alone in the systemic problem. Hopefully this investigation will be ground zero of a much bigger movement across many campuses to combat violence against women. Cultures must change and the safety of ALL students must be a top priority.

The culture of avoidance MUST NEVER happen again on the Michigan State University campus.

WE are Spartans and WE reclaim what it means to be a Spartan. Let’s show the world WE are more, WE care, WE listen and WE SPARTANS WILL be part of the healing.

Please reach out if you'd like to get more involved - send a message through fb or email info@losangelesspartans.org

Go Green - Your LA Spartan Board